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Hoelzer Reich Banned By UFC & WEC & STRIKEFORCE UPDATED!

The controversial clothing company Hoelzer Reich has been banned by the parent company of both the UFC and WEC, Zuffa.

The news came directly from WEC General Manager Reed Harris in a recent report over at Yahoo! Sports.

Hoelzer Reich has been attracting increasing amounts of negative attention with their clothing due to the use of imagery that is often associated with the Nazi party.

“We do not have any Political affiliations with any organizations, nor specific views of any controversial parties. Our interest in the Iron Cross and German history comes strictly from a historical and ancestral standpoint. For many years, we have collected German memorabilia dating back to the early 1800’s, which has been passed through the family for generations. The Iron cross symbol and other German-inspired imagery used on our apparel dates back hundreds of years, and does not depict a certain time of German History.” – from the Hoelzer Reich website.

[opinion] When dealing with sensitive subject matter such as this, the message is the message received.

That would be one of many examples. I for one find it curious that the people at Hoelzer Reich cannot understand where there might be a problem. Perhaps that is the problem in itself.


A report by FanHouse this morning has confirmed the San Jose based Strikeforce has also banned the clothing company.  Director of communications Mike Afromowitz  issued a brief statement on the subject. “We will not permit our fighters to wear this type of apparel in our cage,” Afromowitz said. “Strikeforce will not tolerate any offensive behavior at any location or at any time by its fighters.”

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