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Diego Sanchez and the “YES! Cartwheel” of glory

A self admitted Tony Robbins follower, Diego Sanchez has long been viewed as …. well, a little bit on the odd side since the days of his stint on the first season of The Ultimate Fighter, but it appears as though lightweight title challenger has completely out-done himself during last evening’s airing of the UFC 107 Countdown Show on Spike TV, performing the “Yes! Cartwheel” like it was his job.

Will Diego come out to the Octagon while doing the “Yes! Cartwheel” in his UFC 107 clash with B.J. Penn for all of the marbles at 155 pounds on Saturday evening? Will he employ the tactic in the heat of battle for one of the most spectacular knockouts in the history of the game? Stay tuned as Penn vs. Sanchez promises to be one of the most entertaining UFC showdowns in recent memory.

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