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Frank Mir ‘went into depression’ and ‘got sick’ over Brock Lesnar obsession

BrockIn what could now officially qualify as a somewhat unhealthy fanaticism in regards to avenging a previous, and utterly embarrassing defeat at the hands of current UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, Frank Mir recently went on record with the Las Vegas Sun stating that the news of Lesnar’s recent health problems made him ill…. literally.

“When he got sick it screwed up my training because he was such a driving force for me,” said Mir. “I went into a depression for two to three days where I didn’t go to the gym, I got sick — I drove myself insane thinking we may possibly not fight again.

“I couldn’t live with that.”

Apparently the obsession with Brock isn’t really with Brock at all. No, according to Mir’s father you can chalk it up to a deep seeded disdain for losing.

“He hated to lose with a passion, whether it was a checker game, marbles or connect the dots,” explained Frank Sr. “Something as ridiculous as checkers, if he didn’t win, he’d walk away. He could not conceive he didn’t win.

“Being a young guy we’d all tell him, ‘Come on, man. It’s a checkers game, give me a break.’ He’d just walk away in anger because he couldn’t believe he lost.”

If this is truly the case, one would have to wonder why there was never such a previous outcry on Mir’s end following defeats suffered at the hands of Ian Freeman, Marcio Cruz or Brandon Vera.

Talk about kicking a dog while it’s down.

5 Oz. continues to wish Brock Lesnar a speedy recovery, and further hopes that Mir will someday have his wish granted.

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