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Matt “How Can You Not Like This Guy” Hamill: ‘I definitely didn’t win’ fight with Jon Jones

jon jonesA class act in every sense of the phrase, Matt “The Hammer” Hamill has recently taken to his official blog to give Jon Jones all of the credit in the world for his thorough beating of the TUF veteran during UFC 106. A one sided beating that wound up with Jones on the losing end for his efforts due to a pair of illegal elbow strikes that brought an unfortunate conclusion to what should have been a platform for the twenty-two year old prospect to propel from.

However, Hamill couldn’t have put it any better after giving his opponent all of the credit in the world for a job well done when he stated, “I guess the rules are there for a reason”. That they are Matt. That they are.

Aside from a few stitches in my nose and a sore shoulder I feel fine. I give all the credit to Jon Jones. He caught me by surprise with an awesome trip and I dislocated my shoulder when we hit the ground. I knew it was probably over at that point but I will die before I tap so I did the best I could under the circumstances. We train to wind up in bad positions and it paid off because I felt I was still able to defend even though I knew I couldn’t get up. Jon’s young and full of so much talent. Aside from making a mistake he did his job and he did it well. He definitely didn’t lose this fight and I definitely didn’t win, but I guess the rules are there for a reason. It is what it is. I went into this fight feeling like my record was actually 9-1 so with this so called win I will now consider my record 9-2… LOL I wish Jon all the best and I’d like to thank him for the professional and respectful way he has handled himself. I felt bad for him since a simple mistake caused him to lose a win bonus…

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