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B.J. Penn cements his legacy with one sided beating of Diego Sanchez at UFC 107

bj pennJoe Rogan couldn’t have put it any better when he described B.J. Penn as “The greatest lightweight in the history of the sport” following the UFC 155 pound champion’s recent thorough dismantlement of Diego Sanchez that capped of UFC 107.

The fight was in danger of ending in the opening moments as Penn blasted Sanchez with a hard right hand as the challenger rushed in, dropping Diego and flurrying with a cyclone of punches before Sanchez regained his senses just as the bout looked as if it was going to be called off.

Sanchez battled back as best he could for five hard rounds, but it was Penn’s ability to stuff all of Diego’s takedown attempts combined with a far superior stand up game that made it apparent that the two were simply in a different league.

Going into the fifth round Sanchez had a severe cut on his bottom lip, but it was a series of strikes in the final round that opened up a gash from hell on Diego’s forehead, prompting a halt to the one sided contest, and a speedy trip to the emergency room for a visit that is sure to include many staples and stitches for the battered and bruised challenger.

An amazingly dominant performance over a gutsy contender for the champion that has left many wondering if B.J. will remain at the top of the lightweight mountain for as long as he sees fit.

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