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Random Thoughts: UFC 107 Edition

Another UFC ( 107 to be exact)  is in the books, the card over performed by many people’s standards.   This fight card was good for a number of reasons, not least of which is solid finishes.  Overall I must say  Zuffa was able to come though with a great card that answered a lot of questions, and created many more.  Below are my top 5 thoughts from UFC 107.

5. Proper boxing dominates. In both the Florian and Penn fights, it was clear.  Solid real boxing skill will dominate a good “striker” or a wild “brawler”.  There is no substitute for good hands, and the sport is continuing to evolve.  We are on the verge of the day where he who doesn’t have quality boxing will not have a place among the elite in the sport.

4. If John Fitch isn’t fighting Josh Koscheck, Thiago Alves, or GSP I don’t want to watch him fight on PPV.  Nothing against the guy personally, but it’s time.  If Fitch continues to fight the up and coming of the division,  we are going to see him lose a fight or two he shouldn’t.   Top contenders need to fight top contenders.   Especially in the UFC’s 170 division.

3. Diego Sanchez is a tough SOB, crazy and full of class.  Diego Sanchez  held true to his promise, he kept coming.  Sanchez didn’t give up, even after it was clear that he was out of his league.   The kid kept trying.  To be honest,  I’ve been on the fence with Sanchez, but his post fight comments have told me everything I need to know.   Sanchez while crazy, showed grace and class in defeat.   I look forward to his next fight.

2. Kenny Florian needs to fight Diego again.  It’s time for the rematch.  For my money, Kenny Florian is still the number 2 lightweight in the UFC.  I’d like to see my opinion put to the test.  Kenny vs. Diego Sanchez makes perfect sense as the division shakes out.

1.  B.J. Penn is clearly the best 155 ever.  What is left for the prodigy?  Gray MaynardTyson GriffinFrankie Edgar?  With all due respect, the road to Penn needs to go though the two fighters mentioned in the number 2 spot.  I have no interest in Maynard vs. Penn, and less for  Egard or Griffin vs. Penn.   It’s time to build a contender, or find someone from the outside of the organization to bring in.   B.J. Penn is the best 155 in the world…..ever.   Try as they might to build a contender from within,  Zuffa is in a real tough spot finding guys to fight for the strap.  Who would you have fight Penn next???

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