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Analyzing A One Sided Beatdown: B.J. Penn vs. Diego Sanchez

bj pennThe numbers don’t lie and the truth of the matter is that Diego Sanchez found himself trapped in his own personal “Nightmare” this past Saturday evening at UFC 107 as the latest data retrieved from Fight Metric points directly to the facts to support what we all saw with our own eyes: A one sided demolition at the hands of UFC lightweight champion B.J. Penn.

Penn landed nineteen times the strikes Diego did by a margin of 150 to 8, meaning that for every time Diego snuck a shot in, B.J. responded with an overwhelming nineteen of his own.

Here’s a round by round breakdown of the strikes landed by both fighters:

Round 1: Penn – 35, Sanchez - 2

Round 2: Penn – 24, Sanchez – 2

Round 3: Penn – 41, Sanchez – 1

Round 4: Penn – 25, Sanchez – 2

Round 5: Penn – 25, Sanchez – 1

In total, Diego landed seven strikes to the head and just one to the body, with all of his strikes coming on the feet. The outmatched challenger ended up landing two strikes in the clinch, and six while separated standing, while not landing a single punch on the ground.

B.J. did the majority of his dirty work in the clinch fending off a succession of Sanchez takedown attempts, landing a total of 90 strikes in the clinch, 26 on the canvas and 34 while separated on the feet.

Widely regarded as one of the hardest men to take off of his feet in the world, Penn may very well be the single hardest fighter to take down in the sport as he successfully stuffed every single one of Diego’s 27 takedown attempts, and furthermore hasn’t been taken down as a lightweight since his 2003 strangling of Takanari Gomi at Rumble on the Rock IV.

A dominant performance by one of the most dominant champion’s this young sport has ever seen.

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