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Dana White: We are ‘absolutely’ looking at UFC co-promotion to get the WEC on Pay-Per-View


It has been no secret that the UFC has had big plans for the WEC for some time now. Plans that involve the promotion making it’s way to Pay-Per-View in the near future by any means possible.

Dana recently seemed as determined as ever before about the prospect of the WEC coming to Pay-Per-View in the near future during a recent media call to formally announce the partnership between the UFC and The Versus Network.

“Absolutely,” said White. “Our goal has been to get the WEC on Pay-Per-View this whole time.

“The problem is that the hard part about it is that there are so many dates taken, you know, between us, the WWE and boxing. It’s tough to find dates, or trying to line up fights. It’s a lot more than just throwing something on Pay-Per-View. There’s a lot of work and planning that involved in it, but our goal is to put a WEC fight on Pay-Per-View.”

*Update – While it was previously believed that Dana meant to allow the athletes from the WEC and UFC to compete against one another, further review of the media call reveals that White has no plans of allowing a bout like B.J. Penn vs. Jose Aldo to happen in the near future.

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