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Reed Harris just says no to Donald Cerrone at 145, has big plans for “Cowboy” at 155

donald cerroneIn the days prior to Donald Cerrone‘s upcoming battle with Ed Ratcliff during Saturday evening’s WEC 45 card, the black cowboy hat fitted brawler has made his intentions to cut down to 145 pounds following the bout well known.

That’s if he was to have things his way. However, according to WEC General Manager Reed Harris, the WEC isn’t Burger King, and you don’t always get to have it your way.

“I believe Donald has his hands full at 155, and I’ve got some plans for him at 155, so we’re going to have to have a long discussion about that,” said Harris during a recent media call to promote WEC 45.

When Donald took the opportunity to ask Harris if it would be alright if he dropped down to 145 pounds following the bout with Ratcliff, the WEC General Manager was as clear as he could possibly be, stating, “No. That was a no for you guys that didn’t get that.”

When Cerrone was further asked if he still had plans of dropping down to featherweight following Reed’s comments, it seemed as if his mind had been made up for him.

“(Laughs) I think you heard it right there,” said Cerrone in reference to the WEC head honcho’s statement.

So it looks like that’s it then. Cerrone will not be dropping down to 145 pounds any time in the near future as Reed Harris and the WEC have big plans in store for the “Cowboy” in the months to come.

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