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B.J. Penn’s Coach suspects Georges St. Pierre of steroid use

If B.J. Penn and his camp have their way, the lightweight champion will be defending his crown two more times in 2010 before once again moving up to the welterweight division according to the Penn’s longtime trainer Rudy Valentino during a recent conversation with Josh Gross on’s Gross Pointe Blank.

“I think in 2010 he might fight a couple of more lightweight matches, and then move up,” said Valentino. “That’s what he was talking about.”

Apparently two decisive defeats at the hands the UFC’s current 170 pound champion have done little to defuse Penn’s desire to give the Canadian Athlete of the Year a beating he’ll never forget. According to Valentino, B.J.’s moving up has absolutely nothing to do with title aspirations, and everything to do with revenge, explaining, “It’s Georges St. Pierre, if he has the title or not.

“I think it’s because of his so-called steroid use, and all of that, that B.J. felt it was an unfair fight. Just the whole thing about not being fair, and fighting fair, you know. That’s what B.J. wants to get off of his back; The greasing stuff, the steroids, and all of that.

“We heard from certain people that used to train with him, telling us what he did in the past. That’s why, we had a heads up on that. When you cycle steroids, you’re not going to to test positive. You can cycle it right up to the time of the fight and not test positive on that. That’s what we suspected he did in this fight.”

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