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Dana White: Is 10 years enough time to make this the biggest sport in the world? Hell, yeah

dana whiteWith a new decade on the horizon, UFC President Dana White recently took some time out of his holiday festivities to pen a quick blog for The Las Vegas Sun about his plans for the future of the UFC. True to form, Dana has big plans for 2010 and beyond.

UFC will be the biggest sport in the world by 2020.

People were saying I was a lunatic 10 years ago when we first got this going, but the stuff we’re working on right now on so many levels is mind-boggling.

Think about this: Right now in the United States, there is nothing bigger than the NFL. It is huge. But the NFL has been spending billions of dollars trying to break into other countries and it’s not working. You know why? Because these people in other countries don’t care about American football. They didn’t grow up playing it and they’re not invested in American teams.

I take two guys and put them in an octagon and they can use any martial art they want — that transcends all culture barriers. Right now we are on some form of television in over 175 countries. We’re all human beings and we all “get” fighting.

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