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Minowa Man crowned Super Hulk Champion with TKO of Sokoudjou

minowaProving that big things come in small packages, the smallest man involved in the DREAM Super Hulk Tournament was crowned the Super Hulk Champion as Ikuhisa Minowa ended up knocking Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou senseless with a huge punch for the upset victory.

The two threw down at the New Years Eve DREAM/Sengoku/K-1 promoted event, “Dynamite!! 2009” in Saitama, Japan, and airing live on HDNet.

After a dominant first round for Sokoudjou, Minowa Man ended up nearly finishing off the decorated Judoka from Team Quest with a nasty knee bar before the end of the round rescued the larger fighter.

In the third round it looked as if neither man knew that the fight was scheduled for any longer than two rounds as both fighters engaged in a prolonged staredown that resulted in a nearly unprecedented two yellow cards(20% from each fighters purse) for inactivity.

“If they don’t do something soon I’m going to take off my suit and get in there,” said color commentator and Strikeforce middleweight, Jason “Mayhem” Miller. “I mean, there’s not a shot, not a jab, not a dread lock flying in the wind…”

However, just as it looked as if both men may be disqualified for refusing to throw a punch , it was Minowa that wiffed with a big right hand which he followed up with a huge left hook that landed square on the jaw of Sokoudjou and sent him sailing to the canvas for the TKO loss.

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