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Dana White: Trying to get Koscheck and Fitch to fight has been an absolute nightmare

jon fitchThe UFC currently has a problem. What do you do when two of your best fighters that compete in the same weight class have no intentions of facing off against one another? How do you determine who the true challenger to the title is?

While a showdown between fellow American Kickboxing Academy trained fighters Josh Koscheck and Jon Fitch isn’t very likely anytime in the near future, it hasn’t prevented the UFC brass from attempting to put the fight together for obvious reasons.

“My problem with this division is the two best guys out there are Josh Koscheck and Jon Fitch, and trying to get them to fight has been an absolute nightmare,” said UFC President Dana White following UFC 108.

And while any fight fan with a steady hunger to see the best test themselves against one another will likely never stop asking for this fight until it happens, it’s not hard to see where Fitch and Kos are coming from in regards to preferring not to slug it out at this point in their careers.

Perhaps a title could change the perspective of either Fitch or Koscheck if that day should come sometime soon.

For now it seems like British wrecking machine Paul Daley will be a likely next opponent for one of the two following his UFC 108 destruction of the highly regarded Dustin Hazelett.

“What we’re going to have to do is get [Fitch or Koscheck] to fight Paul Daley and see what happens,” said White.

The most likely next opponent for Daley at this point would appear to be Koscheck, as Fitch is rumored to be facing off with Thiago Alves in a rematch rumored for UFC 111.

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