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Sean Sherk avoiding Gray Maynard?

Sean recently had the chance to catch up with Head Jiu-Jitsu Instructor over at Xtreme Couture, Neil Melanson, to gather his thoughts on the Xtreme Couture trained Gray Maynard‘s UFC Fight Night showdown with Nate Diaz scheduled for January 11, and while we were able to gather quite a bit of insight into the Bully’s keys to victory in the upcoming rematch, 5 Oz. also learned of one UFC lightweight’s reported reluctancy to face a particular foe with an extremely similar style.

According to Melanson, Maynard has had an itch to throw down with former UFC lightweight title holder Sean Sherk for some time now, but as the saying goes: It takes two to tango.

“I know Gray has been wanting to fight Sean Sherk, and I know they tried to make that fight happen, but according to Gray’s people, they said that Sherk turned it down numerous times,” said Melanson during a recent conversation with FiveOuncesofPain. “I could see why, just because it’s not really a good fight for Sherk; going against another stud wrestler that can box.”

With his main event showdown with Diaz set to air live on Spike TV this Monday night, Maynard has no time to look back at what could have been at this point. There’s a man in front of Gray right now that holds a recent submission victory over him, and if he comes out of UFN 20 with a victory, Gray will likely have much bigger fish to fry.

Current realistic possibilities as the next challengers to B.J. Penn‘s lightweight crown are undoubtedly Maynard and Frankie Edgar, although Maynard holds a unanimous decision victory over Edgar in April of 2008.

Make sure to check back with us in the following days as we will have the full insider’s analysis on the UFN 20 main event between Maynard and Diaz from the Xtreme Couture submission coach.

  • PlagueAngel says:

    When I got my UFC book signed last winter, I asked Sherk the same question and he told me “He wanted big name fights with big name fighters”. He said he wanted Florian and especially Sanchez (who was moving down to 155 at the time). I could understand his comment at the time, but that was before a difficult loss to Edgar. Now a fight with Maynard would be great to boost himself up, but maybe Sherk might have something to hide in his dwindling strength and power? What do you guys think? Its got to be hard on Sherk because at 170, he was too small. At 155, he was considered dominating, but then he started boxing after the steroid incident and now his reach and punching power is just not good enough to hang with technical boxing of Penn, Edgar, and Florian. Too big to move to 145? Probably. Whats a man to do?

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  • Makington says:

    Sherk has been in there with the best of fighters, including both BJ and GSP, so I know he isn’t afraid of Gray, but he’s in a tough position after losing to Edgar. Maynard is basically the exact same as Edgar, just a little stronger and Sherk got schooled by him. Another loss like that would turn him into a gatekeeper. As a fighter, he should want to fight the best and should think he’d beat Gray, but logically it wouldn’t be good for him.

    He did sign on to fight Raphael Olivierra(sp?) so that kind of supports this idea since he is an absolute no name fighter that he knows he could pad his record with and get himself back into the winning column. Really, I don’t think he should be fighting anyone not in the top 10 but I guess it’s up to him in the end.

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  • BigDave says:

    I think Sherks mind is playin with him a little bit and he is stuck in a bit of a funk. But’ we can’t forget that this is still a dangerous dude and maybe a gimme fight is what he needs to get back in the game. I want to see where he is at in 6 months before I cast him out of the 155 picture.

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  • Rece Rock says:

    just doesn’t want to start a run with a loss… I agree he is thinking a hand picked fight to his advantage is what he’s subconciously looklng … think in the big picture doesn’t really matter what he does in the UFC any more… maybe he would be revived in SF though…

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  • Dufresne says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if he is ducking Maynard.

    Maynard is the next generation Sherk and younger at that. He’s got pretty good boxing with great wrestling. Everything Sherk is good at, Maynard is just a little better. Throw in the fact that Maynard is getting to be a veteran fighter and that he’s much younger than Sherk, and I just don’t see any real way for Sherk to win this.

    At this point in his career it’s probably a smart idea to hand pick your opponents. He’s never going to be champion again at 155, so at this point he is just trying to extend his career as long as possible and cash in with relatively little damage to both his body and his legacy.

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  • Angry Mike says:

    Sean “t-rex sized arms” Sherk afraid of a guy who’s bigger and has a considerable reach advantage? Get the hell outa here.

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  • MCM says:

    Damn right Sherk didn’t want to fight Maynard! Sherk’s only losses before Edgar were to the greatest WW of all time in Matt Hughes and the guy that destroyed him in GSP, and the best LW of all time in B.J. Penn. Why the hell would he want to fight a middle tear guy like Maynard?
    I know Maynard’s in talks for a title shot now, but that’s only because of his win over Edgar. And it’s been the success of Fankie Edgar (read: win over Sherk) that has made that win look so impressive.
    Sean wanted big name fights cause he was easy top 5 in the LW division and deserved to fight the best guys. Now, his loss to Edgar hurt him and he probably wants to rethink his current fighting style, so he’s taking on a lesser know fighter. But if they had offered him the fight against Maynard on this upcoming Fight Night, I’m sure he would have gladly accepted at this point in their careers

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  • Jak says:

    To be honest. A Sherk/Maynard fight could turn out to be a severely lackluster fight.

    Much like when Hughes was avoiding fighting Jon Fitch, i see this a similar type situation.

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  • ByronGiant says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  • Jak says:

    ByronGiant: Sean Sherk would kill him, then – his family.

    That’s just lame.

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  • Makington says:

    As well as the fact that Sherk would find it hard to rape anyone or thing after getting his ass kicked by Gray. I feel 90% saying that Gray would soundly beat Sherk for all 3 rounds.

    It doesn’t matter anyways, I’m reading that he has signed on to fight Guida, which is a good call for him. He can probably outmuscle and wrestle Guida, and doesn’t have to worry about being outboxed. As long as he doesn’t let himself get dragged down too much he has a decent chance at beating Clay. Guida and Sherk are almost exact mirrors of eachother with I believe Sherk having a slight edge in striking and wrestling so I think it makes a good fight for him stylistically.

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  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I agree Sherk would struggle. I think Diaz will too.

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  • Jstew3785 says:

    ByronGiant: Gray Maynard is looking to make a name for himself. Sean Sherk would kill him, then – his family. I think this will backfire for Gray.

    I wish there was a way to thumbs down a comment more than once.

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  • sexy-yama says:

    guida’s a safe fight kinda,unless guida actually evolves , as for ducking the bully bit strange, to be honest mayard and edgar are good fighters but im not really excited to see them face bj, but they have paid there dues and it is what it is

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  • elkymbo says:

    The real question that we should all be asking is, who is going to be good enough to stand up and have a shot at B.J? Maynard isn’t in the same class and Sherk definately isn’t. Kenny Florian might be the only hope in the UFC. Until then putting any of these guys in the same picture is fairly pointless.

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  • Dufresne says:

    elkymbo: The real question that we should all be asking is, who is going to be good enough to stand up and have a shot at B.J? Maynard isn’t in the same class and Sherk definately isn’t. Kenny Florian might be the only hope in the UFC. Until then putting any of these guys in the same picture is fairly pointless.  


    The problem is, once you find someone with standup on BJ’s level, is he going to have the bjj to roll with Penn? Almost certainly not. Kenny has both great standup and good jiu jitsu but he got picked apart on the feet and then chocked out the moment they ended up on the ground. As many others have stated, the only person that can beat Penn at 155 right now is himself.

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  • Jstew3785 says:

    Angry Mike: Sean “t-rex sized arms” Sherk afraid of a guy who’s bigger and has a considerable reach advantage? Get the hell outa here.  (Quote)

    I laugh every time I read this.

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