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Matt Brown: I will wear Ricardo Almeida out and finish him by TKO

Coming off a TKO victory against James Wilks in November, the “Immortal” Matt Brown (13-7 MMA, 4-1 UFC) took a trip to Oahu, Hawaii to add some “aloha” to his fight game in preparation for his bout with Ricardo Almeida (11-3 MMA, 4-3 UFC) at UFC 111. recently had the chance to catch up with Brown at the Hawaii Martial Arts Center & Central Oahu Jiu Jitsu Academy to gather his thoughts on a number of issues, including his upcoming bout with the “Big Dog”.

Taking the advice of Matt Hume without very much persuasion, Brown jumped on a plane; destination Hawaii, to begin training with Haru Shimanishi.

“Matt [Hume] suggested I come out here,” said Brown. “He said we would like Haru’s style, and we do.”

While the majority of Brown’s two week trip revolved around training and preparing for his next fight, he still managed to sneak in some time for himself.

This was Brown’s first trip to Hawaii only the second time in his life that he had seen the ocean first hand.

Like many visitors to Hawaii, Brown has given surfing a shot, explaining, “I’m pretty close. I can actually catch waves now.”

When speaking of his trip to the island paradise as a whole, Brown explained, “It was great, man. I got some really good training, I got to see Hawaii, and I did a lot of fun things.”

In addition to working on his stand-up game with Haru, Brown was exposed to some great BJJ and had the opportunity to roll with students of BJJ Black Belt Kai Garcia. Some other notable grapplers that Brown had the opportunity to roll with included up and coming fighters Mario Miranda and Olympic gold medalist Satoshi Ishii.

Brown is currently intent on building upon his current three fight win streak in the UFC, but he’s going to have to go through decorated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Ricardo Almeida to do it.

“He’s one of those guys I watched all the way back in Pride,” said Brown. “I have a lot of respect for him. He really is a great fighter.

“Hopefully it can be an exciting fight. I think it would be a huge jump in my career, with a victory over him. I don’t think it’s any secret, I want this fight on the feet, and he wants it on the ground. It’s kind of the classic striker versus grappler match-up. Hopefully he changes his mind and decides to be a striker for a day (laughs).”

When asked about fighting on Almeida’s home turf of New Jersey, Brown said, “It makes no difference to me. I’ve fought many guys in their own hometowns.”

After all, his last fight was in James Wilks’ hometown.

“The cage feels the same whether you’re in, you know, Las Vegas, Australia, England, or wherever.”

Brown doesn’t like to make predictions about his fights. He believes that predicting his fights can lead to false expectations or negative pressure. The one thing Brown was certain of was he would “perform well and do his job”

However, after some nudging he did offer, “It could end so many different way. I’m gonna wear him out and finish him with some sort of TKO.”

Brown will leave Hawaii at the end of January and return home to Las Vegas, where he will gather some items and head back to Seattle. There he will start fine-tuning his game plan with his coaches in Washington in preparation for his fight in March.

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