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Matt Hughes: Robbie Lawler doesn’t get the credit he deserves

Fan favorite “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler put on another crowd pleasing show during “Strikeforce: Miami” in Sunrise, Florida.

At one point it looked like Lawler was in trouble as Melvin Manhoef, one of Strikeforce’s recent acquisitions unleashed a punishing series of brutal non stop leg kicks and body shots. The packed house watched in what was almost an eerie silence as it looked like Lawler might go down.

“What was hard for me was sitting there and watching my teammate partner/ brother get kicked like he did,” said Matt Hughes, Lawler’s training partner and former welterweight UFC champion. “Melvin threw some vicious kicks, so I mean it was a very hard fight to watch in the corner.”

Lawler managed to pull through despite his painful injuries while basically only having one good leg to use. In one fell swoop he landed a short overhand right knocking Manhoef down, and followed that with another powerful shot on the mat.

“Robby doesn’t get the credit he deserves,” said Hughes. “He is very smart. He knew what he was doing the whole time, he tried suckering him a couple of times beforehand acting like he was hurt and Melvin really wasn’t going for it so. Robby is good at playing possum he did it well and it paid off for him tonight.”

According to Hughes, it was all part of a well thought out game plan by Lawler, who despite his injuries remained calm.

“Melvin had a great game plan,” said the former UFC champion. “He just made the mistake of dropping his hands and Robby watched enough tape to know that is what he does typically when he is trying to finish a fight.”

Next up for “Ruthless”, a well deserved time out.

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