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Wes Sims: Stoppage in Lashley fight was “bogus”

It started as all fun and games at the post fight press conference, but in the end no one was really sure what was going on when Wes Sims decided to shove Bobby Lashley.

Most of the press and Lashley himself was laughing it off, thinking Sims was just being Sims and clowning around. But for a brief moment things did look like they were going to get out of hand as Lashley began to remove the bag on his back amidst Sims taunting. Fortunately the two were separated.

One thing for sure is “The Whole Show” was not happy about the way the fight went.

“The referee had to warn him three times. He kept on gauging me in the throat and when I rolled over and gave him my back, I took one shot and the ref stops it,” said Sims when had the chance to catch up with the 6’10” TUF 10 veteran following the event.

Lashley took Sims down and proceeded to pound him on the ground, but Sims maintains he could have gone the distance.

“I’m not a rookie,” said Sims. “I have been in the business a long time. I have a hell of a high pain threshold and it’s bogus.”

Lashley landed 34 of 37 ground strikes winning in 2:06 in the first round by a TKO

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