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Mr. St. Pierre’s Neighborhood

This weekend was a great one for the UFC, their first trip into the 300+ movie theaters across the country seemed to be a boon for business and in the main event we got to see just how amazing Georges St. Pierre really is as he completely stifled Dan Hardy from the beginning of round one all the way to the final bell. But the question that haunts a fan like me, what is next for GSP? Looking at the top welterweight fighters in the world, GSP has beaten all of them, except Paul Daley, who is a clone of Dan Hardy (and no that is not a English joke) and would most likely be stuffed into the corner of the cage and also be unable to return fire on GSP much like the fight this weekend.

On Saturday night Jon Fitch was on the grind with a win over “Killa B” Ben Saunders that, while was not that exciting, was certainly a technical display of what Jon is extremely good at. The problem is that another fight between Fitch and GSP would be also as “technical” and not very fan friendly which is exactly why Dana wasn’t quick to grant that at the post-fight press conference. In fact, Dana was more interested in goading Jon into fighting Koscheck in a # 1 contender’s match, to which Jon responded “that fight would take place at our gym behind closed doors.”

The other scenario that has been floated around since this weekend was that The Ultimate Fighter 12 would be coached by Koscheck and “Semtex” Paul Daley for a shot at GSP. The problem is that while the fights between Fitch and Koscheck or Daley and Koscheck would be fun for MMA fans because either two teammates fighting each other and what that opens up for matches does it for you, or seeing if Paul’s hands can defeat Josh’s takedowns does, but the end game would be GSP beating all three men.

So what is next for GSP? Does he move up a weight class after this next defense for the Anderson Silva superfight? Is there a third match with Bj Penn? If so why? There is no doubt that George is one of the best if not the best in mixed martial arts when you look at his list of victims and his 20-2 record and as impressive as his performance on was Saturday, as a fan I look forward to seeing more competitive match-ups for George. I mean when you see a fight like the Carwin vs. Mir fight and then Brock steps in the cage to face off against Shane, I get goose bumps. That is because seeing Doomsday and the Incredible Hulk square off in a cage in July is great for business and has zero chance at being boring.

Fans have made MMA what it is today, their debates, videos, blogs, and most importantly their hard earned dollars and I appreciate George’s apology on Saturday night because he knows that the key to being a fan favorite is finishing the fight. And while finishing has different meanings to different people I think it is a universal truth that we enjoy his wins over Serra and Hughes verses his wins over Fitch and Koscheck. 2010 is going to be a brilliant year for MMA and the UFC and it would be great to see George back in the cage taking on guys that could test him. The only problem, George gets better every time he steps in the cage and there aren’t many humans that are in the same neighborhood, let alone share the same address as GSP.

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