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Dana White in the running for 2010 “Time 100″ list of influential people

Dana White is among an extremely prestigious society as Time Magazine recently revealed that the President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship is among 200 finalists for 2010’s extremely popular “Time 100“.

Every year Time Magazine reveals a credible list of 100 human beings that they deem to be the most influential currently walking the planet earth, and if things go accordingly, White could likely be named as one of them.

White currently leads the pack of extraordinary gentleman – and women – in the voting department by a landslide (a reported 3357 votes), with his closest peer according to Time being Twilight heart throb, Robert Pattinson (a reported 1455), and is handing it to United States President Barack Obama who currently is listed at having received 421 votes.

White is also currently hanging tough with an extremely solid average rating of 90, where other media magnets such as the previously noted Pattinson (74) and Obama (78), along with Oprah Winfrey (73), Arnold Schwarzenegger (70), and Jay Leno (a measly 34) pale in comparison.

The nomination for the award is the first for White, who is also the sole recipient of the nod from within the mixed martial arts community…. but we’re in there!

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