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Has Frank Mir Lost His White Whale?

A few weeks prior to his fight with Shane Carwin at UFC 111, Frank Mir compared Brock Lesnar to Moby Dick due to Lesnar being big, white, and according to Frank, a dick. Unfortunately for Mir, he may not have come to the end of the famed novel where Captain Ahab is dragged down to depths of the ocean by the whale, and in the process, loses everything.

Many in the MMA world were wondering if Mir had completely overlooked his upcoming opponent Shane Carwin leading up to the brutal knockout defeat suffered by the former UFC champion. While Mir came out and stated the he was not obsessed with Lesnar, his change in physique and demeanor pointed to an obsession. Since the loss at UFC 100 Mir has consistently spoke about Lesnar and continued with what could be perceived as an obsession going into the Cheick Kongo fight; taking most of the time on the Countdown show talking about Lesnar, and wanting to rip Kongo’s arm off as a statement to Lesnar.

Last Saturday, Mir broke a cardinal sin: Never overlook an opponent.

After months of mentally hyping himself for a potential rubber match with Lesnar, Mir was on the octagon canvas with medical officials, refs, and his own corner looming over him. It was a familiar image to those who saw the carnage that Lesnar unleashed on Mir’s face at UFC 100; a bigger and far stronger opponent had put Mir against the cage and did what Ian Freeman did to him in 2002. Shane Carwin had cemented himself as Lesnar’s newest threat, while Frank Mir saw his dreams go up in smoke.

That is where the obsession of Mir begins. He never lost his heavyweight championship; the belt was stripped after his motorcycle accident. For nearly two years, Mir sat on the sidelines as Tim Sylvia and Andrei Arlovski played a never-ending “Hot Potato” with his title belt.

Unfortunately his return was a disaster when Marcio Cruz quickly put Mir on his back and pounded Mir out. Then Mir was given what many considered to be a “gimme fight” against Dan Christison, while his appearance and physique looked closer to Tank Abbott than the original in-shape Mir. Although Mir managed to win the fight, it was a nasty, sloppy affair, as the once dominant Mir seemed to be long gone. Any momentum Mir may have had from the “victory” was quickly derailed following a devastating beatdown suffered at the hands of natural light heavyweight, Brandon Vera. A defeat that had Mir’s own wife verbally breaking him down.

‘Randy Couture, didn’t he get his ass kicked by Josh Barnett embarrassingly bad? Now look at Randy Couture. Was he a bitch like this? I wonder if he was a bitch like this,’ Mir quoted his wife as saying in an interview with MMA Weekly. ‘I wonder if I talked to Randy, I wonder if I could be his woman, and not your (expletive) woman.’

Fortunately, Brock Lesnar proved to be Mir’s golden ticket out of the MMA dog house, and the controversial victory for the submission specialist in the pair’s first meeting took Mir from being an opening act on the card to a potential main event star.

When the situation between the UFC and Randy Couture was at it’s darkest, Mir stepped in to coach the next season of the Ultimate Fighter and shocked the world by finishing Minotauro Nogueria. A month earlier, Lesnar wins the heavyweight championship by pounding out Randy Couture in his return bout. The rematch between the two does record numbers, but Lesnar smashes Mir in the second round, thus preventing Mir from getting his title back.

A third fight between the two would be the main event, and would most likely draw anywhere from 850,000-1,000,000 buys based of the fact that it’s the third fight between the two. Mir and Lesnar would probably get a cut of the PPV revenue, and every major MMA sponsor would be willing to pay a good amount of money to have their name of Mir’s shorts. Belt or not on the line, Mir is looking at a nice amount of money to raise his family on and if managed financially, Mir could retire by 35. At the age of 30, Mir can still be a competitive fighter, but the motorcycle crash took away some of his best years and he will still feel the pain from the accident despite years of rehab and the major surgery to put Mir back together.

Is Mir’s career at the same low after UFC 65? Not at all, but if he doesn’t make major changes to his career, one more loss to a Cain Velasquez , Junior Dos Santos, or Roy Nelson might send Mir in that direction.

Can a third Lesnar/Mir fight occur? If Lesnar loses to Carwin, and Mir wins a few fights than a rematch could be justifiably booked for a main event. His white whale isn’t gone, but it’s a long chase to catch up with the whale.

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