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James Hammortree TUF 11 Blog

First things first: Chris Cammozi is a champ. He was a great training partner and it was a big loss for team Ortiz. Not many people will train and get punched and kicked while having a broken jaw. Chris knew it was broken and didn’t tell anyone so that he would have a chance to fight, but Dana made a good call because Chris could have been really messed up.

With Chris leaving and Clayton losing the first fight, team morale was down a lot. I was definately wanting to change all that with a win over Brad.

I thought the fight itself was fun to watch. With that being said, I could talk about how I thought I won or how the judges were not watching the same fight, but the bottom line is that I left it in the hands of the judges and I should not have let that happen. I wish it would have went different but Brad fought hard as well and he came out on top that day. I can only prepare for the future and look to be more dominant in the cage!

There is a lot that is starting to happen in the house. Without spoiling any of the fun I will say that there is a common problem on team Ortiz and I think America know who or what the problem is. I will give you a hint and it ryhmes with smager! Haha!!

One thing that the viewers might like to know about the fight is in the first round when I went for the first takedown and Brad hip tossed me and landed on top of me, I really jacked my ribs up, but I don’t quite….

Keep watching the show and there is a lot more exciting action.

Stay tuned….

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