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James Hammortree TUF 11 Q&A – I.

House loudmouth Jamie Yager continued pushing buttons on the fifth episode of The Ultimate Fighter Season 11, which was highlighted by a terrific scrap between Josh Bryant and Kris McCray, along with the usual man-drama that accompanies nearly every episode. This time it was Kyacey Uscola questioning Tito Ortiz‘ training methods, and several of the fighters debating who deserved the elusive wild card spot. recently caught up with our official blogger James Hammortree to gather his thoughts on a number of issues, including all of those already touched on, in this exclusve TUF 11 Q&A session. Which fighter has impressed you the most that you’ve seen fight so far this season, and why?

James Hammortree: I think Clayton has impressed me the most. Everyone thought he was not hurt but the dude was hurt worse than we all thought. He was still fighting and moving great so I give him a lot of credit. He definitely impressed me. What are your thoughts on the antics of Jamie Yager during the show?

James Hammortree: Well I think Jamie Yager is one of those people who always needs attention. No matter how he looks to get it. I also think that he is not the type of person that I would want around me if the choice was given to me. Did you believe that you deserved the wild card spot going into this episode, and why?

James Hammortree: Absolutely. I think the Wild Card was made for fights such as mine and Tavares. I think that I am a great fighter, I just have some small tweaks that I have to make to my game, but the wild card was definitely calling my name. Would you be willing to fight again to secure that wild card spot?

James Hammortree: For Sure. I would fight as many times as I needed to get back in the running for the contract. We are not talking just some prize if you win this show; we are talking about life changing and life altering possibilities. Do you feel like you would be at a disadvantage for the rest of the competition if you have to fight for the wild card position due to the fact that you would have to fight more than the rest of the fighters remaining in the tournament?

James Hammortree: Not at all. The other fighters earned their spots and for someone to have lost and get a second chance with the wild card, there is no way I would complain about having to fight an extra fight as long as I could still work towards my dream. What did you think about the performance of Josh Bryant in his fight with Kris McCray?

James Hammortree: I think Bryant performed well. I know McCray didn’t eat well before that fight and had no energy as you could see in the fight; but I’m not saying that Bryant isn’t a beast, because he is! Did you feel the training methods of Tito may have had something to do with McCray gassing so early in the fight?

James Hammortree: No, Tito’s methods were great. McCray’s performance was related to him not eating before his fight with Josh. Tito knew what he was doing; Kyacey was just having a bad day when he said that. Tito always had the best intentions when it came to us training. Did you feel like you had enough time to recover and rejuvenate before your bout with Tavares?

James Hammortree: Yes, I felt good in the fight with Tavares. The only thing I would have liked was for the fight to come later in the house because I didn’t have time to really learn or train with the coaches or my team before we fought. I think that would have helped me calm down and move a little better.

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