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Kauzushi Sakuraba vs. Ralek Gracie on tap for Dream 14

According to DREAM matchmaker Daisuke Soto on Ustream, a very big fight might be going down at Dream 14. It’s the return of one of the sports greatest rivalries: Kazushi Sakuraba vs. The Gracie Family. The Gracie Hunter is possibly prepping to go on the hunt against the new generation of Gracie family members, starting off with Ralek Gracie.

Ralek Gracie is the grandson of Helio Gracie and the son of Rorion Gracie, the original founder of The Ultimate Fighting Championship. Gracie made the jump to MMA in 2008, and has gone 2-0 with submission victories in both of his fights. His recent fight was at DREAM 4 against Alavutdin Gadzhiyev, whom Gracie dispatched of with an armbar and round one.

Sakuraba currently holds victories over Royce, Renzo, Ryan, and Royler Gracie back in the PRIDE promotion. The last time Sakuraba fought a Gracie was in 2007, against Royce Gracie at K-1’s first MMA event in America. Lately, Sakuraba has picked up victories over boxer Rubin Williams and Croation Zelg Galesic via submission.

A legendary rivalry will begin again, and this time the rivalry goes to the cage.

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