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UFC 113: Oh, what a night

What a night. Shogun starts his era as champ, Kimbo is cut, and Paul Daley manages to get fired for perhaps the worst post fight action I have seen since Tank Abbot fought in the UFC.

The frustrating thing about it is I am sure there are fans out there who also want to punch Josh Koscheck in the head and as someone who has watched as the 170lb weight class has become the most boring class in the UFC I see where those fans are coming from. But Dana is spot on by banning Paul from the organization, period. As a fighter to be taken down for 15 or in Dan Hardy’s case 25 minutes has to be extremely frustrating. But as a fan it gets increasingly frustrating to see one-dimensional fighters like a Paul Daley come into the cage with one game plan, punch, and discover when your jiu jitsu is lack-luster and you have to wage a takedown defense war against the second best in the organization you are in for a long night and so are we.

I cannot think of a worse fight on paper or in reality than Koscheck and GSP, can you? Two guys who are going to engage in a war of attrition via takedowns after watching a season of The Ultimate Fighter, thanks, but no thanks.

Maybe I am being harsh but I am not sure I can think of a fight at 170lbs that I would want to see with the performances that GSP has put on recently and that despite Paul Daley’s eye gouges, illegal knees, and post fight hockey scrum that Koscheck still did not find a way to finish him a la Anthony Johnson, it is beyond me.

We all got to see the end of the Machida era, the end of the Penn era, I think or at least hope that soon that same fate meets Anderson Silva, and I don’t think I am alone in thinking that Shane Carwin will dethrone Lesnar. But for the next 6-7 months or until after a season of door smashing, bad acting and even worse fights we have to sit through another 25 min takedown clinic before we get the answer to the question of who would be next for GSP.

UFC 113 had some ups and downs and certainly some surprises but for me I walk away thinking that I am embarrassed for every being a fan of Paul Daley, believing that the Karate Kid stuff was real, and looking for something to do on a random Saturday night when GSP and Koscheck will headline a pay-per-view that will make GSP vs. Dan Hardy look like Griffin vs. Bonnar I.

2009 was a tough year for the UFC in the heavyweight division but that seemed to work it self out and become one of the most exciting divisions in the organization. I think 2010 is the year that the welterweights bring a bit of the “show” to the show business of mixed martial arts and not the type of Vince McMahon show that Paul Daley tried to put on Koscheck but exciting fights with finishes because that is what the fans come to see and frankly what they pay for. Right or wrong this is the fight game and fighting to test your skills and fighting to protect the belt have become two completely separate strategies that I would like to see merge together at 170lbs and change up the tempo of the top tier of that division.

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