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Could Jose Aldo become a 3-division champion?

A 23 years of age, it’s likely that WEC featherweight champion Jose Aldo may not reach his physical or fighting prime for another seven to eight years. This is a terrifying prospect to those that choose to collect their paychecks competing in MMA’s lighter divisions.

Already established as one of the most fearsome strikers in the sport with a reputation of possessing an even more lethal submission game, Aldo currently seems to be champion without peers in the WEC’s featherweight bracket, having recently dominated the division’s former champions – Urijah Faber and Mike Brown – in one-sided muggings.

With just a single title defense to his resume at this point in the game, there’s no doubt that talk of complete weight class domination could be extremely early in reference to Aldo. However, while “phenom” is a word thrown around loosely in this sport, Jose Aldo seems to be one fighter that absolutely fits the bill.

Could a move to lightweight or even featherweight be on the horizon in the near future for Aldo? According to the Brazilian-based fighter, he’s in no rush, but he’s not ruling anything out either.

“Yes, it’s possible that I can to a lighter or a heavier division, but I sure want to do some belt defenses first,” said Aldo in a recent conversation with “I want to build a solid career on the featherweight division. But, in the future, I may take a risk and change divisions.”

If there was one fighter in the sport that has the ability to become a champion in three separate weight classes, it may very well be Aldo in the WEC.

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