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Anderson Silva training with Steven Seagal (VIDEO)

UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva has enlisted help from one of the biggest action stars in show business in preparation for his UFC 117 showdown with decorated wrestler Chael Sonnen.

It has recently come to light that “The Spider” has been sharpening his skills with none other than Steven Seagal. Along with starring in big screen blockbusters such as Above the Law, Hard to Kill, Out for Justice and Under Siege, Seagal is also one of the most respected practitioners of Aikido. The 58-year-old martial artist/actor/musician/deputy sheriff is a 7th-dan black belt in Aikido while being widely credited as the first American to teach the fighting art of Aikido on Japanese soil.

Check out Silva training under the tutelage of Seagal in the video below:

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