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Keith Jardine released from the UFC

After suffering his fourth straight loss, light heavyweight battlehorse Keith Jardine was released from his UFC contract according to UFC President Dana White confirmed the story to the site today, hoping to bring the Dean on Mean back if he wins a few fights outside of The UFC.

Jardine, a five year veteran of the UFC was an alumni of the second season of The Ultimate Fighter and surprised the MMA world on two occasions by defeating Forrest Griffin at UFC 66 and former champion Chuck Liddell at UFC 76. Many saw The Dean of Mean as a title contender, but his downward skid in the division began at UFC 84 when Wanderlei Silva brutally knocked him out in thirty-six seconds. Despite a rebound victory over Brandon Vera at UFC 89, Jardine then lost to Quinton Jack by decision at UFC 96, Thiago Silva by knockout at UFC 102, Ryan Bader by knockout at UFC 110, and a tough split decision loss to Matt Hamill at the Ultimate Fighter Finale.

Jardine has fought some undeniably tough competition in the UFC, and would be a valuable add-on for a promotion like Strikeforce or Bellator.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Who didn’t see this coming? Hope he catches on someplace . He isn’t horrible just ran into some tough competition.

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  • Angry Mike says:

    Tough break, especially since the Hamill decision easily could’ve gone his way.

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  • JOEgun says:

    He is a well known fighter, he always brings it, good wins over Forrest and Chuck in the UFC. Yup, I would say that the Keith has a great resume. Strikeforce or Bellator would be crazy not to go after him. Since he puts on good fights against any oponent win or lose, I will be tuning in to watch him (as long as they are on free tv of course).

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  • Dufresne says:

    I personally hope he ends up in Bellator as they seem to be more willing to let their fighters fight.

    I used to love SF, but lately their seemingly random decision making process has frustrated me.

    Wherever he lands I’m sure he’ll do pretty well as long as he can avoid getting tapped on his chin, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was brought back to the UFC if he strings together some impressive wins elsewhere.

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  • Rich S. says:

    He has a big enough name to make it far in an organization like Strikeforce.. And he’d probably be huge in Japan.

    But, I think he’ll be back in the UFC after a good 2 or 3 wins in smaller promotions..

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  • cocoonofhorror says:

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  • cocoonofhorror says:

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  • cocoonofhorror says:

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  • I hate to hear but this but the UFC is a business and dropping four fights in a row isn’t a way to stay employed.

    I agree with Dufresne, I would love to see him in Bellator’s first 205 tournament, possibly in season 4. Maybe he can get a couple of super-fights under his belt during season 3.

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  • MickeyC says:

    He will not be unemployed long. Odds are by now he is already in serious negotiations somewhere. He probably knew he was gettin the axe a couple days ago. He is a known fighter, he will go strikeforce, or Bellator for sure. He could be fighting for the Strikeforce 205 with in six months.

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  • MCM says:

    Keith Jardine is one of my favorite fighters, but unless you were once the face of the UFC (read Chuck) there is no way Dana can justify keeping a guy that goes 1-5 in his last 6. But, as evidence by most of the posts in this article, Jardine has a strong fan base and is one of those fighters (read Lytle) that people will tune it to see just cause they know he will bring it everytime.
    I don’t think he’s gonna go to Strikeforce cause of the bad blood between Dana and Scott, but I can see him winning 2 fights in a couple of smaller shows then getting the call back to the big leagues. He’s made his name through TUF and the UFC and I can’t see Dana allowing any fighter so closely tied to his company to join the competition. (Don’t bring up Hendo since he made him name in Pride)

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  • stone says:

    KJ might be the only gJackson camper I like… Too bad for him. One can only hope his “loyal camp brothers” follow suit… Get OUT boring ass Rashad, GSP, Joe Daddy and the rest of them! Go ahead everybody “thumbs down” me! I just hate the “oCtOgOn CoNtRoL” boredom! FINSH FIGHTS PLEASE!

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  • MickeyC says:

    I think it would be a win for Dana if Keith went to Strikeforce. If he goes and loses who cares, but if he moves and dominates, it only makes the UFC stronger and Strikeforcr look weeker. And to be honest with his weird ass style, he may be able to beat King Mo. To be honest MO never impressed me that much.

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  • Rece Rock says:

    Yeah I agree with the above it’d be cool to see him in a BFC tourney… It help him get back on track and it would help them with having another marketable name on the roster…

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  • Lethal Liquid says:

    I like Keith. However he is Mr. Inconsistent. I was watching Ultimate Knockouts 8 poor Keith has his own impressive resume of dirt naps. I hope during his time away he deconstructs his whole approach.

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  • LiverPunch says:

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  • stone says:

    Liverpunch you make a good point… But the bottom line is that K.J. Is one hell of an entertaining fighter! Win or lose his fights are always worth a watch

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  • hindsightufuk says:

    i was just about to say good, he deserves to be dropped, but then i happened to be looking at the UFC 118 card and realised that Brendan Schaub, Chris Tuchscherer, Karlos Vemola, Jon Madsen, Seth Petruzelli, Forrest Petz are on what is gonna be one of the biggest pay per view cards of the year.
    None of them interest me in the slightest, that is 6 fighters seriously devoid of talent. At least fighters like Neer/Jardine/Tandem etc all give their full heart and soul and have proved they can beat top competition all be it sporadically. just reminds me there is a whole sea full of shit floating around the UFC that just shouldnt be there

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