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Brock Lesnar: Gonna watch some Direct TV, drink Bud Light, and ride my Harley

A much cooler, calmer and more respectful Brock Lesnar showed his face last evening following his come from behind strangulation of the previously undefeated Shane Carwin during the main event of UFC 116 in Las Vegas.

Gone was the brash, controversial Lesnar who stalked the cage following his previous outing, flipping off fans and disrespecting sponsors, and in his place stood a level-headed athlete showing the sort of class and charisma many have come to expect from a champion.

Lesnar had previously dissed UFC affiliate Bud Light following his UFC 100 mauling of Frank Mir, and more recently took a light-hearted jab at Direct TV during the pre-fight press conference leading up to UFC 116. However, when asked how he planned to celebrate folowing his victory over Carwin, Lesnar had UFC President Dana White grinning from ear to ear with his statements.

“I’m gonna go home and watch some Direct TV, drink Bud Light, and ride my Harley Davidson,” said Lesnar immediately following UFC 116.

And while Stephan Bonnar, who TKO’d Krzysztof Soszynski two fights prior to Lesnar’s showdown with Carwin, went on record to describe the sensatuion he received from fighting on the card as being “better than sex” during the post-fight press conference to UFC 116, Brock would tend to disagree.

“I don’t know if it’s better than sex… it’s great. It’s right up there. I really enjoy it,” said the UFC Heavyweight Champion, keeping it real following Bonnar’s candid remark.

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