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Roger Huerta street fight caught on tape

It’s not uncommon for brawls to break out when the alcohol and testosterone come together outside your average club/bar. However, it is unique when one involves a former UFC fighter, as are the overall circumstances surrounding an ugly incident caught on tape this past weekend in Austin, Texas.

TMZ Sports broke word earlier today that 21-4 Bellator lightweight Roger Huerta, who lives in Austin, was involved in a violent physical altercation outside a local club after witnessing a man violently strike a woman in the face, knocking her to the pavement.

Huerta, who has spoken in the past about abuse he suffered as a child, as well as how protective he is towards the fairer sex, is shown to confront the individual shortly after he punches the female.

The two can be seen on tape squaring up to fight, then are consumed by a crowd which later opens up to someone stomping the downed man in the face. The man is later seen getting up with the assistance of his friends with Huerta nowhere in sight.

According to TMZ, the Austin Police Department said officers were called to the scene but no arrests were issued.


    Way to go Huerta!!-I have had a number of crazy girlfriends and have simply left them-no need to slap or hit them

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  • YetiLee says:

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  • Lord Faust says:

    I don’t really care about the technical aspects of what happened. Anyone who sucker punches someone — regardless of their gender — deserves what Huerta dished out. I don’t advocate the use of violence outside of sports, but I’m having a hard time giving Huerta grief over this.

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  • YetiLee says:

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  • twyg says:

    This is kind of a tough one to get a grasp on. I would like to appluade roger for beating this guy that feels its cool to hit women. On the other hand he is lucky something didn’t happen to him, because in texas carrying a concealed firearm is legal. If people get the full context of what happened I don’t think there will be any damage to the sport or to rogers reputation. I like the hero act, but cringe at what could happen if this type of situation comes up again.

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  • ByronGiant says:

    Head Stomp! Pride Ain’t Dead!

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  • JOEgun says:

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  • MCM says:

    Did I miss something? I don’t see where it says that it was Roger Huerta that stomped the guys head, it just says “someone”. And I have to agree with Roger on this one. I would also applaud him if it was a man that was struck.

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  • sides666 says:

    i say good job huerta. hit a girl for no reason= head stomp. always happy to see the matador in action though it would have been sweet to see the whole video uninterrupted with dialogue .

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  • Kamakosmo says:

    MCM, watch the Vid, he did it….

    Yes, a bunch of you are applauding what he did. If i see that happen, I’m doing the same exact thing, 100%. However, if he gets arrested, and gets in some sort of legal trouble…whatever he gets,
    legally…he was in the wrong.
    Before you all cremate me, let me explain. He has absolutely no LEGAL right to do what he did. Yes, the woman was violently struck….from behind…by a pretty big dude. But watch what Huerta did…..he waited, said some things, took his shirt off, stalked the guy, then attacked. A bit different then watching a girl get struck, and jumping on the guy immedietly afterward to protect her (which may be construed as defending a civilian)
    We can all sit here and say we’d do the same thing…funny, there was a whole bunch of other dudes there that saw what happened and did nothing…..nothing.
    However, if he was really trying to play hero, then tackle the guy and wait for the police. Yes I know, very easy to say from here, but that is what you are to do. Nobody has the right to take matters into there own hands.
    I am not trying to sound self-righteous, or better than anyone else. Just being logical.
    10-15 years ago, he gets away with it (thankfully), but because of this day, where everyone seems to have a camera in there pocket, he was caught.
    Do I think he should go to jail? Well, first, not before Mr. PussAss who sucker punches a female from behind does….and second…tough one….No. However, he will get in some kind of trouble, you can count on that.
    All i know is, it’s best to party with a highly trained MMA peep…they got your back!!!

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  • Kamakosmo says:

    ….oh, and YetiLee….if you think we are all a bunch of idiots here, then go somewhere else. You and your know-it-all brain can leave. This is a forum for discussion, not a place to demean others in an attempt to make yourself feel better about living in your Sisters basement…thank you, thank you!

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  • Makington says:

    Sorry YetiLee, but you’re not necessarily right either. Yes, we’re all idiots, but some of us are idiots who took many law courses in college. The law isn’t that cut and dry. You can bend the law sometimes, and in this circumstance with that shot on tape the cops won’t care. I’ve been to parties in college and seen worse people do worse things to guys who hit a girl and the when the cops came they didn’t care about the guy at all and took the guy who hit the girl away. Like, even though cops have the power to arrest, they’re still human, and we’re all still human, and what we can see is a guy who defended a girl who got cheap shotted by a dude three time her size.

    I’m not saying I’m right, definitely not. I feel like I know what I’m talking about with law situations like this though. Most fights outside a bar that are just fist fights don’t even end in arrests usually. Cops know how drunk people can get out of hand and they’ll usually give you a lesser punishment at most as long as the people sober up and start to be reasonable quickly. Roger could still be charged but I doubt he’ll get a second of jail time. If he did some serious damage than he will probably end up paying for the guy’s medical bills but I don’t think anything else will come from it.

    It’s not like he is going to politely tap the guy on the shoulder and wait for the cops. He can’t even hold him down and wait for the cops. The guy who hit the girl also had what looked like quite a few friends with him who would have thrown Roger off if he politely did it. If someone didn’t physically stop the guy there than the cops wouldn’t have gotten them. In my eyes, that’s justice. If a guy hits a girl like that, they’re leaving as fast as they can and I think it was pretty cool of Roger to stop a guy much bigger than him and essentially make him stay at the club for the cops.

    Well done Roger. I don’t know about head stomps but if you did them it was obviously overboard. But we all make mistakes like that when emotions run over and alcohol is involved. I still look at this as a positive thing about Roger and I hope he doesn’t get a dickhead cop cause 95% of cops I know would let it slide without a doubt.

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  • Makington says:

    Haha good call Kamakosmo. Getting thumbs down are normal. It doesn’t mean you’re all retards lol. Not everyone can agree with everything I say. Chill Yeti.

    I just think the cops are real people with real emotions and when you see the tape Roger was clearly the more honourable person and doing the right thing. Sounds hard to believe, but sometimes courts use a little logic too.

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  • Kamakosmo says:

    Well done Makington…and agreed with the “hold him down” thing. Guy had his friends, and there was no way, prolly, that they would let Huerta lay on him till the cops got there.

    The only thing Huerta has against him is, the video. The press getting a hold of it (already done) and making it bigger than it should be. Then, some douchebag D.A. trying to make a name for himself and proclaiming “No one takes the law into their own hands in MY town”.

    I just have a feeling that the tough guy that hit a defenseless woman from behing will sue Huerta and get his medical bills paid (ok…i can see that), but lots more in punitive damages. Cause it’s all about $$$ these days, and nothing else.

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  • nope says:

    In the video which I rewound 15+ times and paused at certain points in and around the Stomp….it looks as if the the Stomper has a shirt on. Check it out. I could be wrong. Huerta’s shirt was off before and after the stomp.

    Also “Nobody has the right to take matters into there own hands.” Is an incorrect statement.

    It should read “EVERYBODY has the right to take matters into there own hands.”

    And YetiLee, you’re sort of a Douche.

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  • elsicilian says:

    Extreme Bully Beatdown! Where’s Mayhem when you need him?

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  • Rece Rock says:

    Unfortunately Huerta will probably get in some sort of trouble for this…

    His intentions were right, but his actions will be viewed by authorities as wrong….

    I’m married and have a baby daughter but I’m still very much young and often find myself and my wife invited out to bars/clubs by our friends and other couples and situations like this one and other douche bag incidents is why I rarely accept an invite out on the town…regardless of how young I am I got a family and a life that I don’t want to endanger by being put in a situation where doing what’s right could be blurred due to certain circumstances sooo you know what I just won’t go where I’m liable to run into assholes, sucks but you know what I been there done that and at the end of the night I really didn’t miss nothing…. Good luck Roger & to the punk that hit a female I hope a judge legally sucker punches your ass.

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  • Richard Stabone says:

    Caught on tape! The one time the guy in the affliction shirt and goofy hat with generic tats is actually serious about kicking your ass.

    And I was skeptical at first too but it was in fact Rog doing the stomping. If ya check out the picture here you can clearly see the tattoo on the upper left shoulder area of the guy delivering the boot to the head.

    That video is so disjointed it won’t hold up in court. It’s simply not the type of compelling black-and-white evidence to build a case on, as it leaves out too many pieces that a half-way decent lawyer could use to fill in the blanks with a reasonable defense.

    But that’s not to say there won’t be a lawsuit, which Huerta might think wise to go ahead and settle out of court rather than go thru the expense & drawn out crap that comes with litigation.

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  • Richard Stabone says:

    Hmmm…guess it didn’t like the html tag in my previous post so the link didn’t work. Maybe the comment section is picky about posting links to other sites. Anyway, here’s the full URL:

    And if that didn’t work either, TMZ has a pic that IDs Roger as the stompin fool.

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  • Dufresne says:

    Just watched the video and you know what, that D-Bag deserved to get stomped. I’ll probably get a crap-ton of thumbs downs, but screw it.

    That guy is pretty big, I’m guessing around 230+ and he completely sucker punched that girl. What kinda a-hole does that? You can get pissed at Huerta if you want for this, but I’m applauding the guy.

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  • Guthookd says:

    “I’m married and have a baby daughter but I’m still very much young and often find myself and my wife invited out to bars/clubs by our friends and other couples and situations like this one and other douche bag incidents is why I rarely accept an invite out on the town”

    I am in the exact same position and I treat it the exact same way. That’s why I train too, for when I do go out. You never know when you’ll have to defend your self against some big bafoon..or for that matter, a well trained fighter.

    Having a daughter also changes how I see incidents like this, decency and legality aside. As a father you just prey there will be someone there to defend your daughter in her time of need, if you just can’t be there. Right or wrong is beyond the frame of my interest on this one.

    I can say one thing for sure though, I’m a Roger Huerta fan.

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  • Guthookd says:

    BTW Kamakosmo, you said everything else I would have ranted about.

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  • kad4724 says:

    huerta should have rented a black hawk helicopter then strafed the guy with miniguns and rockets. waaaaay more effective. that would teach the guy not to smack women

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  • fracdaddy says:

    You bleeding hearts make me sick. Of course we don’t know what the chick did to provoke this, but nonetheless it is a cowards move. What if that was your sister or even your mother? Guys like this may be the people that home invade your grandparents place and do the same to them! Good on you Roger! At least he gave that guy a chance, not like the girl who got suckered. What the hell is wrong with you people saying he should or could get charged. Give Roger a fucking medal I say!The rest of you should call the cops and let them administer justice. I say justice served by Roger, 10 times better than the assault charge the guy would of gotten for hitting that girl. Oh and maybe his name should be on here so we konw the cowards name? he probably If Roger gets charged, I say shame on all of us for even letting that happen. Tell me where to send a cheque and I will glady contribute to his defense.

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  • YetiLee says:

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  • MMA-LOGIC says:

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  • hindsightufuk says:

    this may not be a poular view but

    sometimes people deserve more than being involved in a fair fight. if someone raped a friend/family member and you caught up with them and knocked them to the ground, would you stop there? fucking know i wouldnt
    punching a female is about as pussy as you can get, knock the guy to the floor then dish out a beating, fuck him. its the way things are. a balance is restored.

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  • stone says:

    I’m from Texas! When you hit a woman out in public you can guarantee a man is gonna step up and whoop that ass!!! Huerta hasn’t been charged because he isn’t going to be charged! We don’t play that shit over here, the police, the judges or courts won’t charge/convict him… That asshole won’t win no law suit over here! He better take that shit to some bullshit liberal state where he might get some money for being a woman beating c–k sucker! WAY TO GO ROGER!!!

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  • boomnutz says:

    no way will this go to court, first of all guaranteed there won’t be any criminal charges, and if it goes to civil court, good luck, that shit will get thrown out in a second, i haven’t seen the video (btw where can i watch it) but i heard the dude was huge…And he beat on a woman, so he deserves what he got. that’s just one of those things you don’t do. Yeti, you probably need beat up woman too, if you don’t see the Huerta’s the man for this, people should start fearing the repercussions of their actions, fuck the legal system in this case, let the guy get his ass whooped and maybe it’ll teach him a lesson

    honestly, that’s the problem with this country, were too litigious, people are way to quick to sue, or call the cops, and people hide behind that shit.

    Props to Roger

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  • YetiLee says:

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  • JBAR says:

    Like daddy always said, “Don’t start no shit and there won’t be no shit”. The guy got what he deserved. He hit a woman in the back of the head, then took off running when he faced off with a man and then got his ass beat. I don’t know if he was out or not when he got stomped and I really don’t care. If he had died or had permenant brain damage it would be a different story but in this case no harm = no foul in my book. He got a good ass whoopin that he deserved. I bet the girls family feel the same way.

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  • MCM says:

    Maybe I’m wrong in this, but it seams that most posters are saying this is cut and dry one way or the other. I just watched the video and there is a ton of questions I have before I can say whether or not Huerta is guilty or not.

    Here’s what I saw,
    – Giant, muscle man punches girl in back of head and knocks her out.
    – Roger runs in and has words with muscle man
    – Muscle mans friend tries to diffuse situation between Roger and muscle man
    – camera pans away and discuses girl who got KO’d
    – Rogers friend comes running in yelling “Roger”
    – Camera shows both Muscle man and Huerta with shirts off.
    – tons of people rush in on both men
    – camera shows lots of movement
    – Man (allegedly Roger) stomps other mans head.

    Now my questions.
    – what was said between Huerta and Muscle Man?
    – was Roger threatened too?
    – were other people being threatened by Muscle Man?
    – Who threw the first punch between Huerta and Muscle Man?
    – Did the stomp to the head land?
    – was it definitively Huerta that did the stomping?

    Yeti makes some very valid points about Huertas actions being seen as assault, but everyone else makes valid points about it being defensive. I think it all depends on why Roger first confronted Muscle Man. Was it to diffuse the situation or to fight? If Roger was hit first that makes his actions self defense not assault.

    I can’t condone the head stomp by whoever did it, but I can’t vilify or really justify what happened without having more information.

    sorry for the laundry list

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  • Makington says:

    You don’t get it Yeti, it doesn’t matter that he could have died, or should have died or anything. The law doesn’t care. If the guy isn’t hurt afterwards than that’s as far as it goes. The courts won’t say, ‘Well you could have killed him, so I’m going to charge you for manslaughter anyways.’ IF the guy does have permanent damage or has maimed him in some way then Roger is in some serious shit, quite deserved. If Roger has handicapped this man for the rest of his life than for sure Roger shouldn’t get off easy. We all agree on that Yeti. But bar fights almost never have lasting damage when they’re just fist fights. The odds are you’re drunk and if a lesser state of mind. I’m sure a lot of people hear can agree with the fact that you lose a lot of equilibrium and it gives you a kind of glass jaw. It wasn’t like he beat the guy until he broke his skull. He probably just hit him down in one punch cause the dude was just so drunk that all he needed was a little shot. It’s no wonder it takes him a few minutes to stand up when we see UFC fighters get up from brutal ko’s a minute later- the dude is hammered. When he sobers up he’ll have a couple cuts and bruises, but a broken skull causing major damage? I don’t think so. The point is the courts can’t give him a serious sentence like manslaughter when the guy was fine afterwards. Just looking at the tape you can see both guys agreed to fight. Neither was backing down and even though Roger picked it, the other guy instigated it even more. So as long as Roger hasn’t maimed the guy in some form for the rest of his life, there’s really no case.

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  • moosebaby02 says:

    JBAR says:

    Like daddy always said, “Don’t start no shit and there won’t be no shit”. The guy got what he deserved. He hit a woman in the back of the head, then took off running when he faced off with a man and then got his ass beat.


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  • Angry Mike says:

    Watched the video. Could see Huerta, obviously, but not him or anybody else hitting the guy who hit the girl. Very unclear at this point.

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  • Guthookd says:

    MCM, you just setteled it.

    Roger simply tried to intervene to be sure no further damage was done to the woman. While the camera panned away the guy took a shot at Roger, who DEFENDED himself. The head stomp was done by some other person.

    That’s the story and I’m stickin’ to it.

    BTW, Stone, I hope you’re right about Texas.

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  • nope says:

    It seems like the only “Idiot” on here is YetiLee….

    Otherwise, all I see is an intelligent discussion about a hot topic from many points of view all with different backgrounds and origins.

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  • Kamakosmo says:

    Here is the problem with Yetilee…he expected and wanted people to disagree with him, just so he can call them/us idiots. How do I know this? He states…….

    “It just go to show how many idiots are on here”….and…” I already knew the majority of you were idiots anyways……

    This….after only 1 person commented after him. He didn’t wait for a bunch of us idiots to disagree with him, he just needed one 20 minutes later from his 1st wussy post. So lil DaisyLee was looking to start nonsense. You called what Huerta did Bush league…i say what you did is bush league.

    I am glad I don’t know you and am not your friend, cuz it’s obvious, you have NO ones back.

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  • IziBoy says:

    It is conclusive, Roger did not stomp him. He did an interview with TMz explaining what happened. Also if you actually look at the video there are several girls trying to hit the “big guy” (probably friends of the female victim) and it is in fact another male with a WHITE shirt on who stomps on the mans face. After the stomp if you freeze the video and move in slow motion you can see Roger pop up in the crowd. SHIRTLESS.

    but of course this is common sense. Who would take off their shirt to fight, (which roger was wearing a grayish shirt NOT white) then puts it on seconds after KO’ing the guy? the shirt would still be laying on the ground where it was thrown to begin with, and roger ran after the “big guy” so he cant just pop on another shirt. GOOD job roger, you did the right thing. STILL WAITING FOR THE LIFE MOVIE!

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  • YetiLee says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  • moosebaby02 says:

    i dont care what people think what Huerta did was wrong or not and his head stomping a guy who is down and out is over the line or overboard but sucker punching a women in the back of the head is way more overboard then anything Huerta did.
    I would have done the same thing and faced the my punishment with a smile cause at least i would be able to sleep at night knowing the next time that fucking tool will think twice about sucker punching a women at all.
    so what would have happend to the big “MAN” if the cops came before Huerta did something??? fine, slap or what ever so he would be able to walk around free and do it to some other poor women. but nothing comes in comperrsion to him wakeing up in the street looking up at the stars with everyone pointing and laughing at him. he will have to live for the rest of his life with than monkey on his back all cause he thought he was tuff and “MAN” enought to sucker puch a women.

    would it be wrong for me to do the same thing Hureta did???? ya but i would hope to god that someone would do the same thing for my daughter or my sister or my wife.
    what goes around comes around
    justice was served

    JBAR is right if the tuff “MAN” thought before he swang none of this would have happened
    -Like daddy always said, “Don’t start no shit and there won’t be no shit”.

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  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Think about it you idiots. If it goes to court. How easy it would be to show Huerta had intent to seriously harm or even kill. He competes in a sport where stomps to the head of a downed opponent are banned because you could do severe damage or even kill. It will be so easy to back that up with a doctor and a couple of MMA refs or whatever. They will then be able to show that Huerta was fully aware of what his actions could cause and so was trying to cause them.
    If he stomped, if it goes to court if if if, Roger will be f#cked. No question. It makes no difference what the guy said Roger was the 1 moving forward and attacking according to the video. Was he defusing the situation? no, was he protecting her? no. Did he chase the guy yes. These are the facts and this is what the law will look at.
    I know the way simple minds work and a few of you will look at my comments as if I am against Roger or that I like hitting women or something like that but I am just trying to say Roger could be in big trouble, just like the guy doing the sucker punching.

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  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    ” The law doesn’t care. If the guy isn’t hurt afterwards than that’s as far as it goes”

    Sorry Makington but this is so very wrong. It sounds like you think if I was to shoot at you and miss the law has no problem with that because I didn’t hit. No, the law has a big thing for intent and IF they can prove that Roger intended to do harm or kill, which will be easy given his profession and the fact that stomps are banned for that very reason, Roger will be in big trouble, despite whether the guy is not injured. I will agree that sometimes the worse the outcome (like if he died) the worse the sentence but I still think that if it is Roger doing the stomping he is going to be in big, big trouble.

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  • Dufresne says:

    Honestely, if this goes to court and they do prosecute Huerta, the most I can see them going for would be aggravated assault and battery. And the only reason it’s “aggravated” instead of just a normal A&B is because of the stomp.
    What I see happening if this goes to court is the guy that threw the sucker punch and Huerta both getting misdemeanor charges. The fact that the cops didn’t arrest anyone means they don’t have anyone’s BAC from the time so anything “Drunk” is off the table right there, and I can’t see them pressing major charges unless a DA somewhere is trying to make a name for himself by taking a stance and villainizing MMA. I just don’t see that though.

    Most likely scenario if there are any legal proceedings is both parties cop a plea, get some community service, get some required anger management sessions, a small fine, and a couple months to a year probation.

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  • apophislk says:

    I applaud you, Roger. To hell with what these mindless weak children think. Im glad you did what you did. Despite the vast populations of people, who believe that hitting women is acceptable, you have stuck to your guns and given that douche exactly what he had coming to him.
    We need more men like you in this world.

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