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MMA community comments on Roger Huerta street-fight

When news broke last week regarding 21-4-1 Roger Huerta’s chivalrous involvement in a brawl outside an Austin nightclub it stood to reckon anyone who saw the accompanying video would have a strong take on what they’d just witnessed through the camera’s lens. As expected, an outpouring of opinion from fans, fighters, and a number of other people associated with Mixed Martial Arts has since surfaced, and in large part it has been very supportive of Huerta.

Here is a list of comments from people of particular interest made through their personal Twitter accounts…

“I’m down with Roger Huerta. Karma is a bitch, and so are you if you sucker punch a chick.” – Joe Rogan

“I think any dude that puts his hands on a girl deserves an ass whooping…if you sucker punch a woman? In my mind there’s no reasoning with that kind of loser. Straight to asswhoopin.” – Jason High

“It’s rare that a REAL pro fighter punches someone that doesn’t deserve it.” – Gabe Ruediger

“Congrats to Roger Huerta for being a man n taking care of business after seeing a man KO a woman in Austin, TX n then KO’g the A-Hole! Solid! Always in your corner, Roger… Stay strong and all the best!” – Bruce Buffer

“Capt Savin Hoes, hope no trouble for him.” – Urijah Faber

“I was disappointed with Huerta attacking that guy as bad as he did. Street fighting is never acceptable. Roger could have restrained the guy without beating him up. The guy was a total douchebag for hitting a girl and he surely deserved to be punished for his actions. The guy that attached the girl is a complete looser but I also feel that Roger went vigilante on the guy. An elite MMA fighter vs. Joe Douchebag is not a fair fight either. I am sure Roger (when he is calmer) will agree that he snapped and that is not the thing to do. The attacker could have had a gun, a friend with a gun etc. He already displayed a lack of judgment by hitting the girl. So I do not condone Rogers actions. The guy in me says hell yeah karma strikes again but the father in me says this is why the family courts wont allow my son to watch the sport. I know Roger and a lot of other MMA fighters and they are some of the best people in the world. It is a shame that this is what he will be known for. I hope that girl is okay and that Roger is not judge by this alone. I think most of us can understand the outrage, but we have to control the anger and do the right thing.” – Shane Carwin

“That’s what should happen to everyone that sucker punches a woman!!!” – Dana White

“Haven’t talked to you (Joe Rogan) but how awesome was Roger? Super hero sh*t!!! Can’t stop thinkin about it. Have a ton of respect for him!” – Dana White

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