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Patrick Cote: Michael Bisping is “arrogant and over-rated.”

It’s fairly common for a fighter to fire a few verbal jabs at a fellow Mixed Martial Artist while preparing for an upcoming bout. However, the target of the trash-talk usually tends to be their actual opponent.

UFC middleweights Patrick Cote and Michael Bisping, both readying for their own respective match-ups at different future events, recently broke the aforementioned mold and have been engaged in an ongoing war of words through a series of conversations with Fighters Only Magazine.

The first shot was fired by Cote, who was asked about a potential scrap with Bisping and responded, “I’m not a big fan of him and I’ve asked for this fight since two years ago. I think we can make an awesome fight.” When pressed to elaborate on his dislike of “The Count”, the hard-hitting Canadian striker responded, “No reason. I just think he’s arrogant and over-rated. I just don’t like him.”

A few days later, Bisping was questioned about Cote’s statements and his reply, as fans might expect, was less than cordial.

“I think that’s pretty two-faced of him to be honest. I have met him a few times and he has been nothing but nice to me – to my face anyway. I’m surprised but not going to lose any sleep over it. Maybe all that horse meat has gone to his head. If he wants to try and make himself relevant again by trying to talk himself into a fight with me he can do (it), his time is his own. Personally if I was him I would spend it in the gym learning how not to get dumped on my head.”

Cote wasted no time responding to Bisping’s “cheap shots”, again talking to Fighters Only, and made sure to clarify the extent of having met the Ultimate Fighter Season 3 champion.

Said Cote, “Listen, we never had a conversation or something like that. We just met somewhere a couple times and I wasn’t nice to him, I was polite because I’m educated. Just because I don’t spit in your face doesn’t mean that I like you.”

The 30-year old striker also commented on the Brit’s closing remarks. On the subject of eating horse meat, Cote responded, “In TUF Season 4 I asked for horse meat and they said in the USA they don’t eat horse meat…it’s illegal. Fair enough, no problem. At least he remembers that from me in TUF. People already forgot that he was a coach [on the show] a couple years ago.”

Also, as far as Bisping’s advice in regards to avoid being dropped on his head (as was the case in his recent semi-controversial loss to Alan Belcher last May), Cote offered a training suggestion of his own.

“It’s funny, how can you learn to not get dumped on your head…by practicing a pile-driver again and again? I can say he should go to the gym and learn how to move on the good side to avoid being knocked out cold.”

Though the two are not slated to fight it stands to reason they could have a future date in the Octagon based on their developing grudge and upcoming schedule of activity. Bisping faces Yoshishiro Akiyama in London as the main event of UFC 120 in mid-October, while Cote takes on Tom Lawlor at UFC 121 a week later.

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