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Brett Rogers ready to return to the ring

Strikeforce heavyweight Brett Rogers will attempt to steer his career back onto the winning track this Fall by heading north to Nova Scotia for his next fight. “The Grim”, who began his career with ten straight wins prior to losing consecutive bouts to Alistair Overeem and Fedor Emelianenko, will face Ruben “Warpath” Villareal at “W-1: New Ground” in Halifax on October 23rd.

The 40-year old Villareal is a veteran of thirty-nine professional fights and has won three of his last four bouts. Twelve of his eighteen wins have come by way of TKO. Though he has never necessarily beaten an opponent of Rogers’ caliber, “Warpath” has been in the ring with a number of top competitors in the past and definitely brings the advantage of experience with him into the match-up.

Also slated for action is Ultimate Fighter 11 alumnus Jamie Yager who faces 6-0 Jeremiah Hamilton at the event. The bout will be Yager’s first since losing to Rich Attonito on the season finale this past June.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Hope to see the grim get back on track here. I like Rogers, and now that he has seen what the best guys out there bring to the cage I think he is going to be so much better.

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  • MCM says:

    I’m glad to see him back fighting too. Rogers looked great in that first round with Fedor, and I’d still give him even odds on most of the UFC HW’s. I hope to see him back in the tops of the SF ladder soon. Bigfoot, Monson, Sylvia, Ricco are all good fights that Coker can make happen.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing him against Nelson, Yvel, or Kongo either.

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  • Dufresne says:

    Yager is already in SF? That was fast.

    Still think he lacks the heart to do anything impressive.

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  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    I was secretly hoping they would feed Bobby Lashley to Rogers. Lashley was talking about stepping it up lol. Either way good to see Rogers back even against a SF hand picked opponent at 20-1 odds.

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  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    I love Rogers,but Warpath is a Canadian legend.

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  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Uhhhh…just researched and Warpath is from Calousa, California .
    But he is beloved in Canada.

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  • fanoftna33 says:

    Dufrense, this is a different orginization but SF is lending them talent. Like they did with Fancy pants it gets guys(and ladies like Meish Tate who fought up in WA a while ago) some much needed fights when SF doesnt have anything for them or they need a few wins.

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  • hindsightufuk says:

    last time i saw Warpath fight was against Bas Rutten in WFA years ago
    he didnt do well then!

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  • Rece Rock says:

    This is a good example of the problem I have with SF business practices and thinking….

    I understand he needs a win, I understand they might not have something immediately for him. But how does a “contender” go from title shot to fighting outside SF in a small regional promotion while still being a big part of their HW division? I could see if the guy was not in and out of the title picture recently or if he was a mid card fighter in a slump. My point is how can a company build up a fighter and market him as a legit threat to the champ and a legit threat to a p4p legend but he needs a tune up and an easy win outside the promotion… Not that I ever liked Rogers or thought very much of him but I would figure they could bring in a can for the guy…nah.

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  • s13 says:

    I think that comment about Brett taking UFC hw’s is absolutely ridiculous, unless you’re talking about possibly beating someone making their debut. I don’t see him doing very well against any of the top talent. He has a mental block. He’s scared. Look at the weigh ins vs alistair after Brett talked all that smack about him. He looked soo shook at the weigh ins then in the cage in the staredown, he was even more timid and was saying “I’m so sorry for speaking bad about you Alistair!” with his eyes. He has awsome power but he said it best after he lost to Fedor, “My problem was I didn’t let my hands go….” and he continued the trend with Alistair. IF he lets his hands go, he can do alot, but he just has to DO IT and get past that mental block.

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  • MCM says:

    For once I’m gonna disagree with you about SF, Rece.
    as you know, Strikeforce is not the UFC. It is not nearly as large nor does it have anywhere near enough money to put on as many shows as the UFC. I’m sure Brett would rather be fighting a higher ranked fighter, but there is no point sitting on the shelf waiting for Coker to make that happen. Rogers left his job at Sams Club and now needs to get paid. I’m sure W-1 came calling him and not the other way around. Coker signed off on it cause he doesn’t have another fight lined up and the only thing worse than having a fighter loose to lesser comp is having a fighter homeless and unable to train.

    which is it,
    “Brett taking UFC hw’s is absolutely ridiculous…”
    “IF he lets his hands go, he can do alot…”

    Rogers has the talent to fight successfully in the UFC. He may not make a title run, but all the skills are there for him to be competitive with some of the best in business. And I wouldn’t mind seeing him try at least.

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  • Rece Rock says:

    I hear yeah and agree with you MCM on the point of Rogers making an income and keeping himself and family secure, I would never argue that….and I do appreciate your thoughts…

    but my point simply is that as a business if your going to build up and brand a fighter theres a certain way to handle his career as his employeer especially if they have invested time and money in building up his fights and marketing him as a SF fighter…I’m sure they could have had him headline a Challengers card and kept it internal and even helped themselves with the showtime Challengers shows ratings but that would require to much thought and savvy on there end. I mean the next SF card is like 2 weeks before this W-1 card… SF couldn’t have pulled up a guy from the Challengers series or even a local journeymen? Give him a televised win and help with his build up back to the top of the heap… just thoughts on how I’d handle it… I know theres other logistics that may stand in the way but nothing stood in the way of them putting him in there last 2 high profile HW fights then they should at least protect there investment by making a fight happen for a guy who makes them money and is technically a SF headliner… I just don’t get it.

    ( Once again I’m not a fan of Rogers and personally think he’s over rated, this is just my outlook on the business strategy within the scenario.)

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  • MCM says:

    How much is Rogers contractually obliged to receive for every SF fight?
    How much does the Challengers series make considering it’s only on Showtime and not PPV?
    How much are the other fighters on the show making? Diaz, Noons, Kaufman, Lindland can’t be cheap.
    All these questions have to be taken into account before putting another high profile fighter on the card.
    I think Rogers is taking a pay cut to fight in M-1 and if he could make that same pay on a Strikeforce card, Coker would gladly put him on, but the contract won’t allow it. I’m just saying that of all the times I’ve smacked my head after reading the things SF does to their business, this is not one of them.

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  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Don’t try and blame this on SF when you have no idea if it was even their doing. I am not sure SF could stop him anyway guys. His contract may state he must do this or that but it may not say he must not do this. I’m not going to pretend I know how this came about or his contract stipulations but all I know is I would rather see him face Rizzo, Monson, Sylvia, Barnett, Asuerrio Silva, Buentello or Aleksander if he is gonna fight out of the top promotions and not Villareal. You may not like the way SF does things but lets not forget is the way that they have done things that has made them the 2nd biggest MMA promotion in the US and has kept them going a lot longer than many other MMA organizations that have dared to compete directly with the UFC. Let us also remember that SF has Mousasi, Fedor, Aoki, Melendez, Werdum, Big foot , Diaz, Lawler, Jacare, Kharitonov, Mo, Calavante, Overeem and co, co -promotes with Dream and M1 (who co promote with the likes of WVR ) and are negotiating with Bellator for a Alverez vs Melendez fight. They are the first I know of to accomplish this so give them a little respect. When they get as big as the UFC if they are still putting on stupid matches like Toney vs Couture… oh I mean Herschel Walker vs some dude then we can bitch justifiably but for now I just can’t see the point in complaining about a company that is just trying to survive and doing the best it can.

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  • Rece Rock says:

    not blaming… simply some constructive criticism.

    Yes his contract allows him to fight elsewhere but the point is why wouldn’t SF create the
    opportunity for him after branding him as one of there top guys giving him Fedor & Overeem??

    SF is the 2nd biggest MMA promotion in the US… BY DEFAULT. Give BFC some time to secure some better ratings and NBC will give them some better timeslots and stations in their network umbrella.

    give them a little respect?? Should I respect their co-promotion with DREAM another company that’s one bad move from going belly up and they have no problems saying so?? And what did we gain so far from the Dream co-promotions? some overseas fighters getting exposed? … Should I respect the M-1 co-promotion because they bring soo much to the table aside from Fedor…? Accomplishments?? Was signing Hendo to a big contract and tying up there cash an accomplishment? Letting a home grown YOUNG star like Shields go was an accomplishment? Was not drug testing in Houston because it’s not mandatory an accomplishment?

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  • Guthookd says:

    Go Ruben.

    I hope he puts beating on Bret “the dumb” Rogers so we can stop thinking about him. IMO he’s not even top 20 and this match up prooves it.

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  • Guthookd says:

    On second thought, I wish they’d have given AA another shot at Bret. That would have been a better move. W-1 might have even been able to pull that off.

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