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Kendall Grove fighting Demian Maia at Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale

TUF 3 winner Kendall Grove will return to familiar territory for his next fight in the UFC, though it’s unlikely he’ll have an opportunity to get comfortable when competing on the card due to the level of opposition he’ll be facing.

“Da Spyder” took to his Twitter account on Tuesday and let fans know will try to maneuver through Brazilian Demian Maia’s proverbial web on December 4th at the Ultimate Fighter Season 12 Finale.

The 27-year old Hawaiian also made it clear he understands the challenge at hand and explained his reasoning for doing so. “I know he’s one of the best. That’s why I took the fight. I’m here to do it big and I know what the f*ck I’m doing. Just enjoy the fight cause I will,” Grove posted on the popular networking site.

Grove has split his last four UFC appearances and is 6-4 overall in the organization since defeating Ed Herman in June 2006 to become an Ultimate Fighter Season 3 champ alongside Michael Bisping. He holds wins in the Octagon over Alan Belcher, Evan Tanner, Jake Rosholt, and most recently Goran Reljic via split decision at UFC 116 this past July.

The lanky middleweight’s opponent at the December event, Maia, is recognized as one of the top submission-grapplers currently competing in Mixed Martial Arts and is 13-2 thus far in his career. He is 2-2 in his last four UFC bouts with losses coming to 185-pound title-holder Anderson Silva and respected contender Nate Marquardt. However, Maia was the winner of a unanimous decision against Mario Miranda at UFC 118 a little less than two weeks ago, and has also claimed victory in the past against Jason MacDonald, Dan Miller, and Chael Sonnen.

The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 Finale is scheduled to take place in Las Vegas and rumored to feature Stephan Bonnar in action, as well as of course the standard crowning of the season’s champion.

  • Swing Em says:

    This is an interesting match up to me mainly because Grove has only been submitted once, which was back in 2005. The only true BJJ black belt he’s faced since then was Almeida & he wasn’t able to tap him (training with Penn has it’s advantages, too bad he can’t spare some of his legendary chin to make Kendall more durable). However Maia is THE best BJJ fighter at 185 & I think he will put on a grappling clinic against “Da Spyder” securing a hold somewhere in the opening frame. This seems like a “gimme” fight for Maia.

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  • Rece Rock says:

    On paper I give it to Maia but depending on which Kendall shows up I wouldn’t be totally surprised if Grove capitalized on an opening and pulled a win out of his ass…

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  • sides666 says:

    If grove keeps it standing he will get ud but if maia gets it to the ground he will put kendel away

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  • I kind of see this as a mismatch, I think Kendall might have been able to stave off Ricardo Almeida’s sub attempts, but I just doubt he’ll have the ability to stop demian’s odd style of passing to the left. I see Demian gettin the sub late in round one.

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  • Dufresne says:

    If Kendall can keep this fight on the feet he will destroy Maia. If it goes to the ground it’ll either be a quick sub by Maia or a binder decision where he goes for the same sub he just missed for 15 min.

    And since it’s a Kendall Grove fight, all my above comments are likely to be completely wrong on fight night. I never call his fights right.

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  • fanoftna33 says:

    This is a great match up for Groove I think. He has very solid grappling and Maia probably cant get the ko on him. I like Groove here for the upset via UD. Hopefully we see Groove get a shot at Bisping next.

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  • stone says:

    This is like the 3rd “gimme” fight for Maia! He needs a finished fight bad! He’s about on the “only good for a borring fight shitlist”… Still want him to beat KG!

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  • Sykotick says:

    That will make for an interesting fight.

    One thing we learned is that a well placed strike CAN put maia to sleep, (ala Mardquart). Same can be said for Kendall tho.

    However I don’t think that Maia has the power to put down Da Spider, where as Kendall has his muay thai.

    Now to the BJJ game. I believe its been proven that BJJ is an abbreviation for Demian Maia, cuz his game is phenominal. Past performance aside his ground game is NEXT level. However kendall js those long lanky limbs which in this case are a blessing and a curse.
    Pro. He has all that extra reach to grab onto limbs and tap you.
    Con. Those long limbs make it easy to gain extra torque when twisting or hyper extending em.

    All in all, great matchmaking

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  • MCM says:

    going out on a limb here and I hope Maia has been paying attention to what I’ve been saying since his last fight, but I’m going with Maia via TKO. Yep, I put it in writing. Now before ya’ll jump all over me let me explain.
    Maia’s best action in his last fight was easily his GnP, and Miranda is known for his MT, just like da spyder. I honestly think that if Maia had put his energy into finishing with strikes instead of constantly attempting a sub, he would have walked away with a TKO.
    We know Grove can get hurt by strikes but it’s usually delivered to him by guys known for their striking (of which Maia is not), but I believe Damien has the potential to really hurt Grove if he can get him to the ground.
    All this is straight conjecture and I’ve been known to be completely off base once or twice, but it won’t surprise me to see Maia finish Grove with strikes.

    new topic
    why can’t we post in the Todd Duffee thread?
    I can see why the UFC let him go as he didn’t really bring a lot to the division. Let him build himself up on someone else’s dime, if he turns out to be a legit prospect, pick him up latter. The UFC put a lot of time and money into there last two prospects (Carwin, Cain) and I don’t think they want to put the same effort into Duffee just yet.

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  • JTM says:

    I don’t see this as a “gimme” fight for either fighter. I see it as a “wake up” fight for both.

    Kendall still needs to wake his career back up; despite being a TUF winner, he’s been one of the most disappointing and inconsistent to date IMO.

    Maia should have finished his last fight and hopefully the threat of Da Spyder’s knees will make sure he gets his cardio and MT up, and waken up to the fact that he needs to finish fights, preferably by developing a little more aggressive striking style.

    If Maia wins, we can say “OK, it’s Demian Maia, tough guy, Kendall is safe from the axe, well done”
    If Grove wins, we can say ” You had your shot Demian, but you REALLY need to work on your whole game you want to be considered a contender again”

    Either way I hope both guys wake up and go for the finish. They both need it.

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