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Antonio Silva added to Strikeforce’s December line-up

According to a source close to the situation, Brazilian heavyweight Antonio Silva will make his first appearance in the ring since beating former UFC heavyweight champ Andrei Arlovski by decision four months ago on an upcoming Strikeforce card in St. Louis this December 4th.

His opponent at the show will be none other than Overeem….Valentijn Overeem, that is. News of the match-up was announced via fellow Strikeforce heavyweight Alistair Overeem, Valentijn’s younger brother, on his Twitter page.

The elder Overeem will be making his debut for the promotion at the event. He has won his last two fights, both by way of knockout, but is 28-25 from an overall perspective. However, the 34-year old Dutchman has finished an outstanding number of the opponents he’s beaten and, as a matter of fact, only notched a single victory by way of decision in a career dating back to 1996.

American Top Team’s Silva is 14-2 and won seven of his last eight fights. He is also known for ending his adversaries’ evenings early with twelve of the fourteen falling victim to either a submission or TKO rather than a scorecard.

In addition to Silva fighting Overeem, the St. Lous event is expected to be headlined by a bout between light heavyweight veterans Dan Henderson and Renato “Babalu” Sobral, as well as feature the return of former Heisman Trophy Winner Herschel Walker to the Strikeforce cage.

  • Dufresne says:

    So when are we going to hear about the Alistar/Werdum/Fedor love triangle?

    I’m excited that SF is putting on more fights and has actually started releasing matchups more than 24 hours before the fight as opposed to “Fighter X v TBA,” but the news I’m most interested in from them is what they’re plans are for the title.

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  • Rece Rock says:

    “He has won his last two fights, both by way of knockout, but is 28-25 from an overall perspective. ”

    Nice Record…I guess it pays to have the champ as a baby bro?!?
    Nice addition to the roster SF… top notch.

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  • fanoftna33 says:

    Valentijn is a very solid fighter with very good submissions. He acually made Randy tap in about 1 or 2 minutes when they fought.

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  • Rece Rock says:

    Ok …That was almost ten years ago…and it was a tournement, that was Randy’s 2nd fight of the night…This guy is still just a hair above .500, he may be a road warrior journeymen but I think they could have given Big Foot a bigger fight.

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  • MCM says:

    I don’t disagree with SF signing Valentijn, but I agree with Rece that Bigfoot deserves a better opponent.

    Does this mean that we should expect to see another famous fighters brother in SF soon? Perhaps a Russian brother……please.

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  • Spoken says:

    ive seen a lot of comments since the fall of affliction about seeing aleksander emelianenko fight. correct me if im mistaken, but i swear i heard that he contracted hepatitis which caused him being pulled from the affliction card and prevents him from fighting in most countries? coulda been a rumor i suppose…

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  • Rece Rock says:

    Yeah I remember hearing that about Aleksander also Spoken I dont know what the truth is but it def. does ring a bell… that guy is a complete weirdo to begin with…has swastika tats and claims to have killed a bear… He seems to only fight in and around Russia as of late so it’s a possibility that he may be avoiding the more stricter medical clearance but who knows??

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  • TerribleT says:

    Weirdo or not the younger Emelianenko’s fights do not go the distance, PERIOD ! and that’s what fans wanna see…FINISHES ! Kill or be killed ! He’s 17-3 and in his 3 losses he was KO’d by Cro Cop(Head Kick),submitted by Josh Barnett(Americana)and his 3rd loss also the last time he lost he was submitted ironically by Fabricio Werdum(Arm Triangle)which was almost 4 years ago (Nov.12th 2006).He’s won 8 straight fights since then,5 by KO and 3 by submission. He fought in April and May of this year so if he has health issues it’s happened recently and it says nothing about it in his biography
    Out of his 20 professional MMA fights only 2 of them have gone the distance,his 1st and 5th fight. The other 18 have all ended in finishes. You’d think that STRIKEFORCE would have already signed this guy a long time ago. Maybe Fedor ‘s not getting along with little bro’ right now cuz if he wanted he could probably just snap his fingers and PRESTO he’d be signed. There must be some red tape we don’t know about holding this deal up cuz this one seems like a no-brainer but politics is evidently interfering and as usual we the fans must suffer.

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  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Who cares what they do in there personal life. Aleks has a lot of tattoos and the couple on his knees appear to have what looks like swastika. They are tattoos to do with the underworld and never being on your knees. So what? if we knew everything there was to know about every fighter out there we would be shocked. He just happens to have a few of his past experiences or feelings tattooed for all to see. He is a good fighter and I want to see him fight against top fighters. He has fought at least twice since the blood disease rumor came out so I think that is 100% BS or he is cured.
    As far as Big foot fighting V. Overeem, I think it sucks and I would rather V. Overeem never fought again. I have watched a few of his fights and one or two were highly questionable and in my mind fixed. Of the possible opponents in SF/M1/Dream (Fedor, Alistair, Ricco, Aleks, Rogers, Kharitonov, Barnett and even a rematch with Werdum) they chose this guy? this is like Dos Santos fighting Struve next … no it is far worse. I have backed SF up in most cases but I am bitterly disappointed with this decision.

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  • MMApride19 says:


    Im pretty sure the only reason Strikeforce, or any USA based promotion in fact, have not signed up Aleksander Emelienenko is because he was arrested for something in Russia or commited some kind of crime… and he has trouble obtaining a visa over in America… Correct me if im wrong anyone? But im 99% certain thats the reason. But i agree…. he would be an awesome addition to any roster, he is a very skilled fighter (as is Fedor), and i honestly think he could hang with the best in UFC or Strikeforce…

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  • Spoken says:

    I looked at some pictures and i cant locate any swastikas anywhere on his body. He has stars on his knees and he covered up his stars on his shoulders with something else. I think they are russian mob tattoos, but everything i know about the russian mob i learned from Eastern Promises, so i cant be sure. Regardless, he is a great fighter, but whether it be health related or crime related or whatever, i pretty sure there is something keeping him from fighting in america or any major organization.

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  • Spoken says:

    My bad, they are inside the stars on his knees. Doesnt necessarily make him a racist though.

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  • MCM says:

    the Stars on Aleksander’s knees represent the time he spent in prison and that he will bow to no authority. The Swastikas on them indicate rebellion against the prison authority and that he won’t talk.
    At least those are the definitions if he actually served time and was part of a Russian criminal syndicate. He could just think they make him look cool.
    Either way, prison time or not, he has fought in Holland, The Netherlands, Japan and Canada as well as all around Russia so I don’t see any reason why he wouldn’t be able to fight in the U.S.
    I also think the Hep rumors are BS. His biggest obstacle IMO, was always M-1 and since he cut ties with them is probably the reason Strikeforce hasn’t singed him yet since they are still in that ridiculous “co-promotion” thing.

    are we sufficiently off topic yet?

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  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    A lot of people seem to have a beef with co-promotion. Why. M1 also, please explain. M1 has done nothing wrong from my point of view, they refused to sign Fedor to the UFC exclusive contract (just like many many other fighters) and what else? please don’t come up with mob ties or bringing orgs down because “mob ties” is a rumor at best and if you want to go there, gambling companies and casino owners in the US are famous for “mob ties” and bringing orgs down is dumb, how could they? by asking for too much? well then the org in question should say no! and if they don’t is that M1’s fault?, besides that is not true anyway.
    Back to my original point about co-promotion, show me examples of co-promotion not working and i’ll give you …. how many fighters do the UFC have? say 100, I’ll give you at least 100 examples of exclusive contracts stopping fights from taking place. Co-promotion is the only way fans get to see such match ups and for you to bitch about it seems strange. Here are the choices. A) co-promote and see top fighters from different organisations fight like Lesnar vs Fedor etc or B) THEY DON’T FIGHT EVER!!!!. I know I would choose A and it is strange to me that a fan would choose B.

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  • Dufresne says:

    Speaking as a fan, I would go with option A.

    But if I were a businessman that helped bring the sport back from the brink of extinction and built my brand up to the point where more of the public knows the sport by my brand’s name than by the actual name, I’d choose B.

    Until SF or M1 gets big enough to pose as a serious 1:1 competitor with the UFC co-promotion isn’t a smart business move.

    If they ever do get big enough to seriously compete then we may end up with a co-promotion/merger a la AL/NL (MLB), AFL/NFL (NFL), or BAA/NBL (NBA). It could happen, but it’s still a ways off.

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