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Is Carlos Condit the Real Deal? Ask Dan Hardy

Carlos Condit is nearly all the way home after a magnificent performance in the co-main event of UFC 120.

Condit delivered a severe examination of Dan Hardy’s chin – in the first round no less – of their welterweight tilt at the O2 Arena in London, and in the bargain, pushed his stock to a higher level.

“It was awesome to fight for fans here, even though they’re booing me,” Condit said. “Dan Hardy is a great competitor. Hats off to him – great respect. I feel comfortable on my feet, and if the thing had gone to ground, I would have done well there, too.”

That sounds like a man confident of his abilities and poised to move forward in a division dominated by perhaps the toughest MMA fighter on the planet, Georges St-Pierre.

Suffice it to say that it was not a comfortable environment for Condit. The crowd immediately dropped a socceresque chant for their countryman, Dan Hardy. After an exchange of purposeful leg kicks and a Hardy signature left hook. both fighters settled down to business.

As the opener wore on, both Condit and Hardy were accurate and dangerous standing. Hardy, as is his wont, was aggressivesuccessful landing his counters.

To a point.

That point was the point of his now questionable chin which took a vicious left from Condit.

“I got punched in the face. Sorry guys. Next time,” Hardy said, clearly disappointed. “That’s why it’s a sport. You can win or lose at any point.”

What he may have learned is that his vulnerabilities extend beyond the lack of a world-class ground game (which GSP exposed in their title fight) and now into the core of a fighter’s makeup – his ability to take a punch and stay upright.

It may well be nothing but a question of timing for the hard-charging Hardy. Of the two left hooks which were in the air at virtually the same moment on Saturday, his was a split second behind the clock, and it cost him. Condit landed his shot, Hardy didn’t.

There you have it.

Sports are often about a step, an inch, a close decision. Being late is never good enough, and Hardy will have to deal with that reality in the coming months.

Condit, a disciple of the Greg Jackson camp, is a man on a mission now. Even as referee Dan Miragliotta pulled “The Natural Born Killer” off Hardy, he had to be thinking ahead to the moment when he’ll get his shot to take on the most heralded fighter in welterweight history.

“I know he’s got a lot of power,” Condit said of Hardy. “I trained quite a bit for his left hook, and there you have it.”

If Condit wants to take the next step up the ladder to his ultimate goal, he’d do well to work on his wrestling.

A Canadian legend sits comfortably ensconced at the top of the pile, and Condit will have to meet that monstrous challenge if he wants the belt.


    Condit is the real deal-Everyone who faces GSP should know that to beat him you have to hit him in the chin-He’s no Anderson Silva-but who is?-Dan Hardy just got caught-I am not going to start questioning his chin at this point in time

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  • Dufresne says:

    I’ll give Condit credit for his very impressive win, but I still haven’t seen where everyone is getting that Hardy has KO power in every strike or that he’s an elite striker in general. Since coming to the UFC he’s got 2 TKOs to his credit, and both of those are to guys who have more than questionable chins.

    Condit on the other hand, has proven that he’s a threat to anyone he fights. I mean the guy is 26-5 with his 25 of his wins being stoppages. And those 25 stoppages are split almost 50:50 between sub:KO. The guy is well rounded and dangerous wherever he ends up.

    So no disrespect to Condit, he’s a beast, but I still haven’t figured out why Hardy was so highly touted.

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  • Jak says:

    Condit was always just underrated. He might not a champ if Gsp is still around or if he goes up against a Lay and Pray wrestler(Jon Fitch i’m looking at you), but he’s a top WW.

    Always has been, he fought a lot of good fights in the WEC and has fought a lot of good fights in the UFC.

    Good chin, good stand up, and great on the ground makes a top MMA fighter.

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  • Rich S. says:

    I’m with you Dufresne.

    Hardy comes into the UFC with a gritty persona and is built as a knockout machine, then more than half of his fights go the distance, and half of THOSE are SPLIT decisions.

    I’m sure when most people go back and investigate, they’ll wonder why they’ve always thought Hardy was a KO artist. Sure, he knocked out Rory Markham that one time. Sure, he rocked Swick a few times. But he’s not some sort of striking monster.

    It’s kind of like Matt Serra being billed as heavy-handed after defeating GSP. The guy got his first knockout in a 14 fight career, with a shot behind the ear, and all of a sudden it’s announced that he could knock his opponent out with any one punch. Get real. Granted, he does throw pretty hard now.

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    Enough about Hardy-It’s all about Condit-What a brilliant display of fortitude

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  • jasonah says:

    last night was pretty awsome, some good fight’s.As far as the HARDY ,CONDIT, fight. I thought it was going to be good fight, until carlos got caught. I about jumped out of my seat when Hardy got K.Oed. as not being a fan of Dan Hardy. as Far as Condit Eyeing the winner of Sheilds/ kapmann, there is still a sleeping Giant in the mix! were does Matt Hughes stand in all this?this guy can beat at least 8 out of ten dudes @ 170 ! but does he want to make a run at the title or just collect fat pay checks for super fights?

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  • mu_shin says:

    Enjoyed Condit’s work in the WEC, and have felt that his education has continued in the fights he’s had moving up into the UFC. He’s taken those lessons and obviously made another strong step in his progression as a pro fighter.

    Have to agree that Hardy may have been lauded a little too loudly as a top WW contender, but he’s very experienced, went the distance with the champ, and presented a legit challenge to Condit. Watched the fight on my new HD set-up, and I think I woke my wife up sleeping upstairs when Condit landed that great shot, firmly establishing him in my mind at least as the real deal.

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  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Condit vs Pyle? or maybe Fitch could fight either of the 2.

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  • moosebaby02 says:

    I say feed Fitch to Condit. Fitch will take him down but Condit can easily win it off his back

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  • boomnutz says:

    a few things, first why does everyone think you have to knock GSP out to win??? he has two losses one a KO, but to his credit, the shot was behind is ears and seemed to screw up his equilibrium more so than hurt him, and an arm bar…i don’t think there’s a formula to beat GSP, he wins all his fights primarily on the ground, but he’s also outstruck everyone, there’s going to have to be a complete guy to beat him, and probably someone that puts him on his back…second, moose, have you seen people in Fitch’s guard???? he hangs out in chokes by BJJ blackbelts just to tire their arms, i’m pretty sure he could hold is own in Condits guard, i like Condit a lot, but imo Fitch is #2 and head and shoulders above the rest of the field.

    I would love to see Condit Pyle, Condit Alves (i’d rather see Alves Hardy) or Condit Lytle, or even Condit and Rumble.

    One more thing, i think Hardy actually gained his most due out of his loss to GSP, just for being so grueling in the loss, but he also beat up Swick who at the time was on a roll, Hardy was supposed to be a momemtum builder for a title bid

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  • boomnutz says:

    Hughes is supposed to be fighting BJ one more time

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  • Dufresne says:

    I would love to see Condit Pyle, Condit Alves (i’d rather see Alves Hardy) or Condit Lytle, or even Condit and Rumble.

    Other than Condit/Fitch, Condit/Pyle makes the most sense in building his claim as a title contender.

    Condit/Lytle may be the most exciting matchup you’ve got listed there, but then every fight with Lytle has the potential to be a barn burner.

    I would love to see Alves/Hardy mostly because it would end with Alves crushing Hardy on the feet. But Alves would end up giving up 20% of his purse after he comes in overweight. Again.

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  • Niv says:

    I’ve liked Carlos for a while now and I do place him near the top of the WW heap. He had a great showing against a very tough Dan Hardy, full marks to him.

    Personally I can’t stand comments like “his now questionable chin”, because he got ko’d in a fight. Just as ridiculous are claims that GSP has a weak chin because he was stopped once. That’s the fight biz and that’s the risk everytime someone steps into the ring.

    Give credit where it’s due and have respect for those who fall, as Fedor said “those who don’t fall never stand up”, simply one of the best statements I’ve ever heard after a loss.

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  • moosebaby02 says:


    never said that condit WILL easily win off his back just that he could easily do so but i get your point

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  • boomnutz says:

    yea no doubt Moose i hear you, Condit’s def. got skills and as we all know anything could happen…

    anyway know anything about that dude Sass!?! he just kept pulling guard and going for the triangle every time…and he got it…he’s going to eventually get worked over on the feet or by some wrassler with good top control, but always fun to watch a guy attack off his back…any thoughts or insights?

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  • Angry Mike says:

    I enjoyed Condit’s fights in WEC. He got off to a rough start in UFC, but it looks as if he’s found his rhythm.

    I think it’s very interesting that Condit KO’d Hardy, but Hardy went the distance with GSP. It’s true that GSP owned Hardy with wrestling, but GSP didn’t finish, and Condit did. Condit can really stir the pot at 170.

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  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    “Fitch is #2 and head and shoulders above the rest of the field.”

    I disagree. First Fitch has not finished anyone in over 3 years and 2nd, Jake Shields has been tearing it up in the MW and WW for years against top MWs and WWs.
    MWs = Okami, Hendo, Lawler, Mayhem.
    WWs= Condit, Pyle, Thomson, Sakurai, Daley.

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  • boomnutz says:

    Fitch and Shields are virtually the same fighter, but with Fitch fighting tougher competition for a longer period of time. Do you know who owned the record for most consecutive wins in the UFC before Anderson Silva? Fitch. His only loss, GSP, have you ever seen him in trouble??? i have once, and that was barely, he got caught against Pierce, but other than that he works people over, all the time. just like he worked over Alves who is a beast! he’s the Rich Franklin of the WWs.

    Don’t get me wrong, i like Shields a lot and i advocated for him to get a title shot right away, but Fitch has been doing it in the UFC while shields has been elsewhere

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  • stone says:

    GSP should beat Koscheck and fight Anderson Silva next summer (huge money maker)…. GSP might be able to duplicate the Chael Sonnen style ass whoopin, or maybe not! Anyways… Meanwhile all through 2011 they can find the true contender to both division… GSP n the Spider are on a whole nother level! Everyone else is literally “head n shoulders” underneath.

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  • boomnutz says:

    gotta agree with you Stone, i’ve been dieing for GSP and the Spida for a while now

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  • Angry Mike says:

    Way off topic, but Koscheck is redefining the term “douche bag” on TUF this season. And then his number one pick gets submitted in 20 seconds by a dude from Spokane, WA who sounds like Garth from Wayne’s World. I laughed so hard I damn near choked to death. Cody McKenzie is my hero for at least a week.

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  • MCM says:

    I agree Angry Mike. That is way off topic!

    sorry couldn’t resist. :)

    Cody actually reminds me of “Chicken Joe” from the cartoon movie Surfs Up. So glad to see him put that arrogant prick to sleep last night.
    There really should be a topic for TUF on 5oz.

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  • Dufresne says:

    That was my favorite fight and favorite moment of the entire season so far. I absolutely loved Koscheck’s facial expression after he watched his #1 pick get choked unconscious by a guy that both Kos and Stevens mocked and insulted. I probably watched that fight 15 times, which took less than 5 minutes, and laughed my ass off every time.

    The only thing that made me happier was that followed immediately by Kos watching his last fighter get choked out in the first round putting Team Koscheck’s record at 1-7.

    Sweet, sweet, karmic justice.

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  • Angry Mike says:

    I agree with MCM. There ought to be a weekly piece on the latest TUF for comments. There used to be one.

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