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Roger Huerta and Eddie Alvarez make weight, Bellator 33 Super-Fight official

PRESS RELEASE / Philadelphia, PA. (October 20, 2010) — On the eve of Bellator Fighting Championships’ debut in Philadelphia, the fighters competing in tomorrow’s event participated in an official weigh-in earlier this afternoon. Two undercard catch-weight bouts were made, though all main-card match-ups will go on as originally scheduled.

Both men involved in the event’s lightweight “Super-Fight”, Roger Huerta and Eddie Alvarez, measured in at 155 on the dot. Welterweight champ Lyman Good and Ben Askren also matched weight at 170 pounds each.

Bellator 33 will be broadcast live in prime time nationwide on Thursday on FOX Sports Net and during special Bellator highlight shows this Saturday night on NBC and mun2.

The official results of the weigh-in are as follows:

Roger Huerta (155 lbs) vs. Eddie Alvarez (155 lbs)
Ben Askren (170 lbs) vs. Lyman Good (170 lbs)
Deividas Taurosevicius (145 lbs) vs. Wilson Reis (146 lbs)
Rick Hawn (171 lbs.) vs. LeVon Maynard (171 lbs)
Jamal Patterson (206 lbs) vs. Tim Carpenter (206.5 lbs)
Edward Gueddes (159 lbs) vs. Luis Azeredo (159 lbs / Catch-Weight)
Nick Cottone (130 lbs) vs. Tuan Pham (129.5 lbs / Catch-Weight)
Kenny Foster (146 lbs) vs. Lester Caslow (146 lbs)

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    When they say “Super Fight” it just means non-title right?.
    I like Alvarez and I want him to fight Melendez as soon as but in this case I want him to lose. Why you ask. Well it is this non -title bullshit that pisses me off. I want him to lose just so people start saying “well he isn’t really the champ” and hopefully that will stop other champs from doing this. Hey Alvarez and Bellator, this DOES count.

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  • JOEgun says:

    i agree with you MMA-LOGIC, thats exactly why i want Alvarez to lose. If you beat the champ then that makes you THE CHAMP. I understand Bellator feels that only fighters that make through their tournament set up”deserve” to fight for the belt, but, if the champion loses then his title loses its meaning. So Eddie better fight like he is defending that title because in a way, he is. I like Alvarez but GO HUERTA!!

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  • Guthookd says:

    “the champion loses then his title loses its meaning”


    I don’t know about all this wanting him to loose business though. All I want is a good fight.

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  • JOEgun says:

    well, what i mean by wanting him to lose is simply so that Bellator can perhaps recieve some negative backlash, and perhaps learn a lesson. If your champion is fighting someone in the same weight class then that belt should always be on the line. Otherwise your champion is not really the champion and your promotion cant be taken too seriously. Thats just my opinion. And imagine how Alvarez would feel if he was to lose and still keep the belt. It wouldnt be the same. He wouldnt feel like the real champion knowing he lost while he was champion.

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  • Guthookd says:

    I hear you Joe and i agree with you 100%. The best should be on the line anytime the champ sets foot in the cage unless it’s a catch weight bout. They could have covered their asses a little in that respect by letting both fighters weigh in at 160..problem solved.

    Like you, I think it will blow up in their face one day and that day could be today.

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