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Randy Couture mulling future in the ring after “novelty” fights

For an already-retired fighter, former UFC double-divisional champion Randy Couture has done fairly well for himself inside the Octagon since originally stating he was walking away from the sport in 2006. With a return to the ring a year later, Couture has notched wins in five of his last seven bouts including a title-win over Tim Sylvia.

However, “The Natural” recently spoke with ESPN’s ”MMA Live” and insinuated he may finally be taking a permanent break from Mixed Martial Arts competition based on where he sees himself within the UFC’s internal rankings.

“I’ve had my wars, I’ve had my battles…I’ve been there, done that…I am competing and training, and I feel better than I’ve ever felt physically,” Couture began. “But, I don’t see myself making another run at the title, heavyweight or light heavyweight.”

He also joked about NFL quarterback Brett Favre’s approach to calling it quits, saying he didn’t want to take the flip-flop route or make a premature official announcement, but did make his feelings clear on the status of his career, saying, “I think at some point I’ve got to call enough ‘enough’.”

When asked to elaborate on the situation, the 47-year old Couture referred to his most-recent match-ups against James Toney and Mark Coleman.

“You know, I’ve had an amazing year…my last two fights, in all honesty, were novelty fights. Not to take anything away from my opponents, but that’s the truth of the matter. They didn’t really matter in the division, they didn’t put me any closer to a title. And, you know, I have to make a decision at some point. So I think I would entertain another novelty-type fight – I can still compete – but I don’t see myself making a run at the title any time soon.”

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