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Cage of Horrors!

From the moment Teila Tuli’s tooth went flying from Gerard Gordeau’s perfectly-placed kick at UFC 1 it was clear Mixed Martial Arts was not a sport for the feint of heart. Since then fans have been “treated” to a number of gruesome injuries and more blood than your run-of-the-mill slasher flick.

In the honor of the kinship shared between horror-friendly Halloween and the sometimes-scary sights of MMA, Five Ounces of Pain is providing readers with a walk down maceration lane. What you will see in the space below is not meant for the squeamish to see, but have no fear as none of the afflictions you’ll see were career-altering injuries. There will be cuts like canyons and mouses the size of rats but no broken bones or shredded limbs.

Read ahead…if you dare…and have a wonderful Halloween!


Joe Stevenson

Wanderlei Silva

Ross Pointon

Diego Sanchez

Marvin Eastman

Martin Kampmann

Miguel Torres

Nick Diaz

Kazushi Sakuraba

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