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Ben Saunders triumphant in return to the ring

This past Saturday night marked the first time Ultimate Fighter Season 6 contestant Ben Saunders had fought outside of the UFC in more than three-and-a-half years, and, in a form similar to that making him a fan-favorite during his run in the Octagon, he walked away victorious after unleashing a number of weapons in his stand-up arsenal.

Saunders, who was released by the UFC after being outpointed by Dennis Hallman at UFC 117, laid opponent Elijah Harshbarger out in the first round of their headlining bout at World Extreme Fighting’s event in Kissimmee, Florida, with a barrage of punches, knees, and kicks eventually forcing his 5-1 foe to tap from strikes.

“Killa B” improved his professional record to 9-3-2 with the win and also broke a two-fight skid involving his disappointing performance against Hallman, as well as a decision-loss to Jon Fitch from UFC 111. Saunders has only been finished a single time in his career (by Mike Swick) while avoiding the judges’ scorecards in eight of his nine total wins. His most notable showing to date came against always-tough Marcus Davis, who the 27-year old American Top Team member TKO’d with a knee three minutes into their bout at UFC 106.

  • JOEgun says:


    rack up another finish or two and make your way back to the octagon

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  • MickeyC says:

    Good to see him get a win. I never agreed with the UFC cutting him. He was always worth watching fight.

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  • Go Big Smiley! You gotta love this kids attitude and outright fun style to watch. No shame in losin to Fitch, Swick, or Hallman. This kid will wear major gold one day, just you watch.

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  • Guthookd says:

    I’ll never know why they let him go.

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  • ByronGiant says:

    A friend of mine was at that card. he said Saunders handed out a savage hell-beating the likes of which has rarely been seen.

    I think they cut because he wasn’t progressing with his wrestling skills, and also to make Fitch look that much better.

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  • MCM says:

    How does cutting Saunders make Fitch look good?

    Ben got cut because he was only 8-3 with two losses in a row. He was the first guy to ever KO Marcus Davis but couldn’t hang with the tops in the division. The UFC was right in cutting him before he went three in row, give him a chance to build up some wins, improve his record, gain a little more experience and then bring him back. The guy has a ton of potential but the UFC can’t keep him around and feed him cans (cause he’s not a HW :0 ) until he’s ready to take on the top guys. Let that be on someone else’s dime.

    At least that’s what I like to think happened. But I’m a glass half full guy.

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  • Rich S. says:

    Awesome. Love this guy.

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  • ByronGiant says:

    Cutting a man that Fitch beat, they can claim that Fitch “ran someone out” of the UFC. Or just hint at it. If Fitch ever gets his second shot at GSP I’m fairly sure you will be hearing things like that bandied about. They will mention Saunders in the traditional list of wins in the pre-fight, some people will look up all the wins Fitch has had. Some of those people will spout off at the mouth to look knowledgeable in front of other band-wagoners… that’s kinda where I was going with that.

    I’m not saying upstanding people like you and I will buy it, but it’s a great psychological tool when trying to boost up someone who’s going up against GSP and his striking abilities.

    With all that being said… I love me some BenmotherfuckingSaunders!

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  • MCM says:

    uhmm, OK. I guess I can kinda see your point, but I find it highly unlikely that anyone will try to spin it as a plus for Fitch. Most likely folks’ll say Fitch has been fighting guys that can’t hack it in the UFC. 5 of Thiago Alves’s 9 wins inside the octagon no longer fight for Zuffa and no one ever spun it that he was running them out of the org. At least not that I heard.

    But I fully support your third paragraph.

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