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Tito Ortiz set to face Antonio Rogerio Nogueira in March

According to UFC head-honcho Dana White, iconic Mixed Martial Artist Tito Ortiz will look to break his three-fight skid in March 2011 but will face formidable foe Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, meaning a win is far from guaranteed for Ortiz. While no specific event was mentioned, it has recently been reported the promotion is targeting a return to Abu Dhabi coinciding with the period the bout is expected to take place during.

News of the potential match-up was first reported by Tatame and later confirmed by White during pre-UFC 122 festivities.

“The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” hasn’t won since beating Ken Shamrock four years ago, compiling a record of 0-4-1 over the span with losses against the likes of Chuck Liddell, Lyoto Machida, Forrest Griffin, and most recently Matt Hamill at UFC 121 last month. Ortiz is 15-8-1 overall and was considered at one point to be among the best 205-pounders in the sport.

Nogueira, who is 19-4 in his career, will also be looking to bounce back from a loss sustained during his previous in-ring appearance. The twin brother of UFC heavyweight Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira fell by way of unanimous decision to undefeated light heavyweight Ryan Bader at UFC 119 this past September. Prior to the defeat “Little Nog” had won seven straight fights.

  • Guthookd says:

    I wish this match had a moticum of appeal.

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  • danw84 says:

    I hope Tito loses again. He’s just really not very good at fighting.

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    This will be one fight that I have no interest in whatsoever

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  • Starforsaken says:

    Say bye, Cheeto.

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  • cocoonofhorror says:

    baffled as to how Cheeto managed to get this fight. he should be fighting in Sharkfights.

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  • Rich S. says:

    It’s incredible to me that Tito keeps fighting. At the end of the day, he’s still a decent wrestler, but he crumbles as soon as he’s hit one good time, no matter who it is that hit him.

    Rogerio would have to try to lose, to lose this one.

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  • bigbadjohn says:

    The worst kind of fight. What does Lil Nog have to gain? So much more to lose… And Tito? God, how does this man keep getting his name in big fights? A loss to Hamill gets you a shot against a Noguiera brother? Maybe a Noguiera isn’t what it used to be but I personally think it’s a slap in the face to Rogerio. Sure, he accepted, who wouldn’t love a chance to beat Tito Ortiz down? But MAN, RETIRE THIS HAS-BEEN, Dana, he’s not even a PPV draw anymore.

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  • YetiLee says:

    Tito isn’t a ppv draw anymore? I think this is one of the dumbest statements I have read on here. Love him or hate him people still love to watch Tito, they either want to see him return to the Tito of old and beat some people or they want to see him get his ass kicked. Either way he is still a draw, maybe not as much as he once was but still one of the top draws in the UFC. It is simple the UFC is a business and if Tito wasn’t making them money then there is no way they would keep him and his salary around.

    Now with that said I am actually going to go with Tito in this fight, as I still think he has some fight in him.

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  • Starforsaken says:

    I’d be surprised if Tito were still a draw at the UFC, unless it’s in a grudge match against Chuck. Maybe he’d be able to attract some of the Latino crowd, but that’s it. Since guys like Brock and Kos appeared, he isn’t so much of an appealing villain anymore, I think.

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  • MCM says:

    I agree YetiLee, Tito still has some fight left in him. He’s only fought once a year for the past four years and the Hamill fight was the first time he hadn’t fought injured (we know this because there was no excuse after he lost). Stylistically, Hamill was just a bad match up for anyway. Lil Nog is more akin to Forrest and Tito was able to take Forrest to a Split twice. I think Tito has a really good chance of pulling of the W here, but if he doesn’t it’s time to hang it up and Dana should cut him.

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  • black eye is NOT an injury. tito just didnt make any excuses against Hammil because the hammer had just said somethin nice about him. Tito is done and has been done since the Rashad fight. Sadly Lil Nog just might be the perfect victim for tito to actually win as Lil Nog’s takedown defense is super weak. However, he just might drop the huntington beach bitch boy and get a TKO in round two!

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  • JabCrossHook says:

    Ryan Bader barely landed his TDs against Nog and got stuffed multiple times, TIto isn’t half the wrestler Bader is so I think that Lil Nog hopefully will choke out Tito.

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  • elkymbo says:

    I couldn’t give less of a shit about this fight. I’d rather watch ufc 122 again.

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  • FightFan313 says:

    Tito’s brain may not be all there but he is a Great coach which you have to give props and he is not a boring fighter to watch. You guy are spoiled Brats and forget to realize that Tito was there b4 the big paychecks and helped to make the sport what it is today. He has obviously been fighting through pain, the proof is there on you tube and Tito went the distance with Lyota which not many have done. The man is trying to make a paycheck.

    Grow some humanity and get off of your high opinionated horses. And no you small brain chumps. I’m not a Tito nut hugger. Just a guy that knows he aint perfect and doesn’t know everything about everybody I read about and see on TV. Tito would whoop all your asses. Fuck’n chumps. No fighter bashing on this site hu. Chumps.

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  • Starforsaken says:

    Did you really just say not many have gone into distance against Machida?

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  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    More than half of Machida’s fights went the distance. He and Fitch have the highest % of any top UFC fighter as far as I know, at about 55-60%.
    Tito could win this but he shouldn’t. I think he will have 5 losses and a draw since his last W and retirement for Ortiz.. Somebody may pick him up outside of the UFC but who cares, the dude is done. He was never really that good anyway. In my opinion he has a winning record over 3 good fighters to his name (Belfort, Vladimir and Wandy) he was champ and a top UFC LHW when about 8 out of the top 10 LHWs were in Pride (Rampage, Wandy, Overeem, Arona, Shogun, Vovchanchyn, Nog, Belfort, Sakuraba, Hendo) which is a fact lost on many people. It was a time where a couple of the UFC’s divisions were worse in comparison than that of SF’s are to the UFC’s at present.

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  • FightFan313 says:

    StarForsaken and MMA Logic your right. I went on a rant without thinking of Machidas overall record and only his last few fights but that wan’t even the point.

    My point was that People aren’t perfect and Tito earns my respect when he gets in the ring and coaches on the Ultimate Fighter. Tito comes in and fights everytime and that the last few times he has fought with spine problems which he had surgery on which everyone here is overlooking just because he comes off like a little bitch in interviews but he has obviously been telling the truth.

    Is Clay Guida done just because he he will never be a Champion.. NO and why, because the guy goes in there and fights.

    Little Nog and Tito will be a entertaining fight bottome line. Tito doesn’t get finished by his oponents, he stands in there and fights unlike other fighters. I would much rather watch Tito Ortiz in the UFC fighting and going the distance and loosing than seeing another fighter get completely dominated, not puting up any fight and loose in the first or second or third by tko or sub.

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  • Rece Rock says:

    Tito is still a recognizable public figure and is well branded… he can still sell a fight… he sucks but that doesn’t stop him from drummin up revenue. DW and him have deep roots good or bad they make money together and that trumps all else.

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