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Mike Swick and Frank Shamrock engage in online war of words

It’s fairly common for a pair of Mixed Martial Artists to wage verbal warfare against each other, especially in this age of social media, but typically trash-talking stems from a desire to promote an upcoming bout between the two and involves run-of-the-mill bravado, plus perhaps a little posturing.

However, it’s rare when the involved parties are former training partners, one now being a UFC competitor and the other a retired-fighter-turned-broadcaster, let alone to see personal issues from the past brought up.

Such a situation unfolded Monday on Twitter when UFC welterweight Mike Swick took Strikeforce commentator Frank Shamrock to task for his involvement in an anti-bullying campaign. Swick’s issue apparently stemmed from what he felt was hypocrisy on the part of Shamrock based on things he experienced while the two trained together at American Kickboxing Academy.

Started Swick, “ARE YOU KIDDING FRANK SHAMROCK!?!? I have seen it all now! I usually keep my mouth shut and stay far away from any controversy or disputes with other fighters but this is too much! Frank Shamrock started a foundation to fight bullies because he was cyber-bullied?”

Further elaborating on the topic, Swick wrote, “…that’s ironic considering he was the biggest bully at our gym until we had to split him from our team. I can’t even list the fighters on the team that were injured and hurt by him and that he passed out in chokes even after they tapped. This is like making the drug dealer a cop so he can help them get more drug dealers.”

In response to the allegations, Shamrock posted, “Mike Swick calling me a bully is lame. I used to whoop his butt for sure cuz he wanted to be a champ. Always respect and love for him. Guess (he) forgot how I used to write his fan mail back when he (was) in the military. Or how I bled for him and trained him personally.”

However, the walk down memory lane didn’t earn a reprieve from the 14-4 Texan, who replied, “Come on Shamrock, if you’re gonna be an advocate, be a man…admit you were a bully – apologize. Bet that video never surfaces! Don’t be fake!”

“You define bully. Hurting smaller teammates on purpose. Choking teammates unconscious that tap,” he continued.

Though the discussion ended after Shamrock offered Swick an opportunity to talk in person if he was in San Jose, to which Swick said the former UFC middleweight champion had seven years to speak with him about it, it seems clear neither man will be sending the other a Christmas card any time soon.

Shamrock’s issues with AKA-trained fighters is nothing new, as his rivalry with Phil Baroni is well-documented in addition to the heat between him and former Strikeforce 155-pound champ Josh “The Punk” Thomson (who Shamrock once made reference to as “the first openly gay fighter in MMA”).

  • Rece Rock says:

    Shamrock is a douche… somebody should bully his ass for being 37 with braces.

    If he really did that shit to his training partners then he is a bigger dick than I previously thought.

    Big ups to Swick for callin him out on his Bull Shit .

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  • Damn…too bad this could never come to fruition because I would love to see Quick throw 125 straight punches into the head of Frank Shamrock. I liked Frank in the day, but the guy has had a bad habit of recently letting his mouth write checks his ass cant cash(see above in 5oz of pains related articles “Cung’s not a good standup fighter). If we all thought Diaz hit him with a bunch of punches…I wonder what Swick would do?

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  • MCM says:

    I think Rece Rock needs to stop Cyber-bullying Frank. The internet is permanent, you can’t erase that you know. Now Shamrock is gonna have to attend his own foundation and learn how to deal with all the hurt full things written about him online. Poor little Frankie.

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  • Guthookd says:

    I don’t care for either one of them.

    I do, however, agree that the more MMA icons who get behind the anti-bullying cause the better off we and our kids are. Fuck bullies. I eat them for lunch.

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  • Angry Mike says:

    Supposedly Shamrock was cyber-bullied by Dana White because White said he was a liar after Shamrock said White had given New York lawmakers a bad impression of MMA. This whole thing is bizarre and stupid.

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  • hindsightufuk says:

    i just cant believe there is so little decent content on this site anymore, and never any breaking news, and all you can up with is this playground bollocks?

    Gerald Harris just got released, isnt that more news worthy?

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  • Rece Rock says:

    Hey hindsightufuk don’t hold back tell them how you really feel ;)

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  • Guthookd says:

    Hindsight….you are right that 5oz is usually not the first to break a story and that the content is limited (they even admitt this in the link club blogs), but you know damn well you love having that avatar next to your posts. We all do.

    I will sometimes read a story on another site and just wait until there’s a similar story here to speak my mind. Not to mention, you have mates like us to post with.

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  • hindsightufuk says:

    you know what, i’m just so gutted the way this site has gone, used to be guarenteed multiple new stories everyday, each with a unique touch, the site had its own identity. thats the reason i always come to this site first before fucking sherdog or anywhere else. and you’re right, i really do enjoy reading the comments from the regular guys on here, shame i’m just to fucking lazy to post more myself! plus i’m fucked if i’m ever signing up to sherdog out of fucking principle

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  • fanoftna33 says:

    Hindsight, i to mostly only check out 5 oz’s anymore mainly because of the posts by many of the readers are way more fun to read than anywhere else. While the news here is usually a day or two overdue at least it can be talked about by real fans who(for the most part) arnt ripping each other and any fighter they dont like.

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    Frank Shamrock is absolutely right-Amen

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  • mma.Australia says:



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