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Greg Jackson provides proof perception is not necessarily reality

Widely-respected MMA guru Greg Jackson is known to be a student of samurai philosophy, so perhaps the words of legendary “Book of Five Rings” author/warrior Miyamoto Musashi, “Perception is strong, sight is weak,” came to mind earlier this week when Jackson decided to take a stand against the belief fighters from his gym prefer to play it safe in the cage rather than offering up excitement on a regular basis.

Jackson, who stated he felt he needed to defend his camp after Dana White’s pointed remarks about the job done in Nate Marquardt’s corner during his UFC 122 loss to Yushin Okami, sent an email to MMAFighting earlier this week to explain his position while offering statistical analysis to support it.

As revealed by Jackson, of the twenty-two UFC events occurring thus far in 2010, fighters from his camp won an event-related bonus twelve times (an average of more than half and essentially a third of the total awards). Specifically mentioned in a follow-up conversation were recent performances by Carlos Condit and Jon Jones.

“It didn’t bug me until Dana said it,” Jackson explained. “Fans are fans, but Dana said that and, you know, I’ve worked really hard in his organization. If you look at my stats, they’re insane. Imagine you give your life to something and then your boss comes up and says, ‘Man, you suck.’ Well, wait a minute, just this year alone, half your bonuses have gone to my guys. So what are you talking about?”

In addition to Marquardt, Jones, and Condit, other regular members of Jackson’s MMA in New Mexico include Keith Jardine, Rashad Evans, Diego Sanchez, Joe Stevenson, and a number of other respected Mixed Martial Artists fighting in the UFC and all other major promotions.

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