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Josh Kosckeck: “I don’t need motivation from GSP to want to kick his ass.”

For six weeks during the filming of The Ultimate Fighter 12, Josh Koscheck and Georges St. Pierre saw each other every day in the gym. During that time Koscheck went out of his way to try and get under St. Pierre’s skin. From mocking his robotic tone and answers to wearing tight wrestling shorts similar to those that St. Pierre wears during his fights, Koscheck did what he could to entertain himself and upset St. Pierre.

“What I said on the show was for entertainment and nothing more than that,” said Koscheck on Monday during a media call. “I’m about making money. People will tune in on Saturday because they want to see St. Pierre kick my ass.”

All of the trash talking has seemingly got to St. Pierre who says, “What Josh said about me motivated me for the training. The fact that he was arrogant with me affected my preparation. I’m the best GSP I’ve ever been.” Although St. Pierre said nothing to motivate Koscheck, he didn’t need to. “I don’t need someone to get under my skin to train harder. I’m always motivated to train. I don’t need any motivation from GSP to want to kick his ass,” said the welterweight challenger.

Despite the show being over and the fight being less than a week away, Koscheck is still doing what he can to put some extra money in his pocket, and that includes calling St. Pierre out on his fighting style. “Is GSP going to be a boring Greg Jackson fighter and take me down or is GSP going to have the ball to stand with me? We’re going to see.”

St. Pierre has been often criticized as of late for failing to finish his opponents. After only going to a decision four times in his first eighteen professional fights, St. Pierre has seen the scorecards three of his last four times inside the Octagon.

That’s something St. Pierre is hoping to correct on Saturday. He’s been working with famed boxing trainer Freddie Roach on improving his punching power. In a recent interview, Roach predicted that St. Pierre would KO Koscheck with a left hook.

Koscheck is not impressed with St. Pierre’s training with Roach or Roach’s prediction.

“Working with Roach is all good and all but (he) can’t work on strengthening your chin….My mom predicts a second round left-hook KO for me,” said Koscheck.

Even though he’s venturing into enemy territory, Koscheck looks at this as just another fight and feels no pressure to try and back up all he’s said. “I talked a lot of crap on The Ultimate Fighter…I got under St. Pierre’s skin…he says he’s at his best. What a great story right? Now I gotta go out there and I gotta perform.”

On December 11th all of the trash talking and jokes come to an end when Koscheck and St. Pierre meet at UFC 124 in Montreal, Canada for the UFC Welterweight Championship.

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