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Jens Pulver not done yet, plans to fight in January

For a man standing 5’7” with an attached nickname including the word “little”, certain aspects of Jens Pulver have always been associated with the concept of diminutive size. However, one characteristic questionably large in regards to the former UFC champion is that of his heart.

A run of recent losses most fighters only have nightmares about, especially those who have experienced the career highs of Pulver, have increased the volume of those calling for his retirement from the ring. Regardless, “Little Evil” appears ready to hang his gloves up on his terms, not those of fans or media, and as such will see action again on January 22 at XFO 38 in the Chicago area.

No opponent has been named as of this report.

The 22-14-1 Pulver has tasted defeat in eight of his last nine bouts including seven by way of either TKO or submission with three-quarters of the losses taking place inside of the fight’s first frame. Compounding woes, the former Team Miletich member hasn’t won in three years. However, prior to his misfortune Pulver was considered one of the tougher draws in MMA with past wins in the Octagon over Caol Uno, Dennis Hallman, and B.J. Penn, as well as a number of knockouts to his credit.

  • Dude…I dont know how many more times i can watch this guy cry in the ring. I’ll always love him as a pioneer of the sport, but he’s getting a little shamrockesque.

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  • MCM says:

    The thing with Shamrock is that he doesn’t really have anything else he can do (maybe coaching).

    Pulver on the other hand is an excellent coach and trainer, better on the mic than most of the announcers out there, and has such an endearing personality that, regardless of the losing streak, he still has a ton of fans. If Jens decided to hang it up tomorrow, he could still have a big role to play in MMA outside of the cage. I too am tired of watching him lose (and cry), but I’m not tired of him.

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  • Guthookd says:

    I think he just wants to go out on a win and I hope he can have that, at least.

    Do it Jens.

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  • Rich S. says:

    I’m not sure what to suggest to Jens any more.

    Every time he strikes he gets caught, every time he wrestles he gets submitted.

    Such a shame.

    He just needs to muster every last particle of strength and passion and emotion and survival, and fight a good fight.

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  • Angry Mike says:

    Totally agree with MCM. Tired of watching him lose, but not tired of him. If he keeps this up, though, even his fans will be turned off. Eventually sympathy turns into contempt.

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  • Agreed, i think he was leaps and bounds better than kenflo, or Stefan Bonnar while doin commentary

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