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Antonio McKee handed walking papers after UFC 125 performance

In a move perhaps reflecting the UFC’s unstated policy on performance, newly signed Antonio McKee has been cut from the company’s roster after a single split-decision defeat inside the Octagon. The loss was the first for McKee, who was said to have originally inked a four-year deal with the organization, since February 2003.

News of the professional separation was confirmed by Five Ounces of Pain with sources close to the involved parties.

McKee was outpointed by Jacob Volkmann in what was said to be a forgettable three-round affair at UFC 125 last weekend. The showing marked McKee’s debut in the UFC after racking up fourteen wins and one draw in his last fifteen fights. However, the outspoken 40-year old has received criticism in the past for his in-ring style after earning eighteen of his twenty-five total career victories by way of the judges’ scorecards, and divisional spots on the roster are at a premium with the company’s recent addition of WEC lightweights

“Mandingo” has an overall record of 25-4-2 with past wins over Carlo Prater, Derrick Noble, Delson Heleno, and Marcus Aurelio.


  • Dufresne says:

    When you consider the huge number of exciting LWs the UFC already has and then you throw in the guys from the WEC “merger” like Pettis, Henderson, Cowboy, etc. I can see where the UFC could justify this.

    They already have more talent than they can adequately promote at LW and the competition from both SF and BFC is growing. SF and BFC are both miles away from being considered potential usurpers to the UFC’s throne, but a small threat is still a threat.

    The UFC may sell itself as a fight promotion, but lets not forget that they’re here for the money first. Putting a boring guy on a card simply doesn’t sell the same number of tickets and if a casual fan finally breaks down to buy a PPV and all he gets for his $45 is a boring ass hugfest, he’s not likely to buy another. Keeping boring guys that lose doesn’t make near as much money as keeping exciting guys that lose.

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  • danw84 says:

    I see Mir and Crocop still have jobs, and when they fought they weren’t exactly on the unaired prelims.

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  • True but Mir and Cro Cop had ONE boring fight between the two of them in the past what, 5 years? Plus both are superb draws whereas McKee is someone that only the diehards know, so he’s not putting asses in the seats.
    Cro Cop could get knocked out 4 out of 6 times(just like Chuck Liddell) and people would still show up to see him, still give him a standing ovation and still expect him to come out throwing(once again just like Chuck)
    Mir is one of those guys who almost always delivers the goods, either by way of finishing his opponent in violent fashion, or getting finished in an equally violent fashion.
    Plus that Mir V Cro Cop sucked as a whole fights but DAMN that knee KO was good.

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  • fanoftna33 says:

    I dont agree with this as he was fighting for the first time and it was a split decision, but I do understand that a 40 year old fighter doesnt get to many more chances. I would have liked to see the UFC give him one more shot though.

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  • nope says:

    Justified cut IMO…

    Super dave hit it on the head.

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  • thanks nope

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  • Rece Rock says:

    Didn’t he say he was going to retire if he went to another decision any how?!?

    It’s a credit to him that he is competitive in the sport at his age but it takes more than that to hold a UFC roster spot.

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