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Brandon Vera issued release after lopsided loss to Thiago Silva

Fighters face adversity at any given event due to the nature of their chosen endeavor, but in the case of calamity attached to Brandon Vera’s performance against Thiago Silva last weekend at UFC 125 there’s no doubting “The Truth” hurts. Vera, once viewed as being a double-divisional title-contender, was not only soundly beaten by his Brazilian adversary but also suffered a horrific broken nose in the process in addition to an embarrassing open-handed drumming from Silva reminiscent of Randy Couture spanking Tito Ortiz at UFC 44.

Were those things not enough, according to a source near the situation, Five Ounces of Pain has learned the lanky light heavyweight also received a pink-slip from the UFC as a result of the loss.

Vera started his career out with an 8-0 record, including a severe beatdown of former heavyweight champ Frank Mir, but has gone 3-6 since an eleven-month break from competition in 2006-2007 due to a contract dispute. His New Year’s Day defeat marked the affable Californian’s third consecutive stumble in the Octagon after compiling back-to-back wins over Krzysztof Soszynski and Mike Patt in previous bouts.

However, regardless of his recent record, Vera’s newfound status as a free agent should be brief as he is well-liked by fans and possesses a well-rounded set of skills. Also notable is the fact his fight against Silva came after nearly a nine-month absence from the ring due to having suffered facial fractures in March action against Jon Jones. He holds an 11-6 overall record in his career with wins over Soszynski, Mir, and Mike Whitehead.


  • dpk says:

    No big surprise here. It just seemed like the fire was gone after that contract dispute and layoff.

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  • fanoftna33 says:

    After his nose heals he will find work quick, and maybe be able to build himself up again pretty quickly. SF needs some solid LHW fighters and he fits that bill for sure.

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  • Angry Mike says:

    Tough break for Vera, but everybody saw this coming.

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  • stone says:

    I really like Vera man. He really fought like shit Satursay though, he just didn’t look into it!… I hope to see a better, focused & more improved Vera fighting for the SF 205 strap soon enough!

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  • Rich S. says:

    I used to be a big fan of Vera. But, I eventually realized that he’s only holding himself back. It’s not his skill that’s losing him fights, its his will to win, or lack thereof. This was a long time coming.

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  • hindsightufuk says:

    one of the most over hyped fighters ever

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  • matt says:

    Vera has all the skill in the world. I believe being released by the UFC is the best thing for him. It will allow him to go out and fight a couple people on the regional circuit where with his skill he should get a couple impressive knock outs. This will allow him to rebuild his confidence and hopefully he can return to the UFC within a year or two with that fire and tenacity he had when he first entered the UFC in 2005.

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  • bigbadjohn says:

    I think he should thicken up that frame of his as well. He looked like a 170 against Thiago. 205’s got some big boys who can grapple.

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  • FightFan313 says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  • TerribleT says:

    See ya’ over in STRIKEFORCE loser . . . .

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  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Sorry to point this out again. SF has never picked up a UFC reject except for Gurgel who went 3-4 in the UFC. Arlovski went out winning 3 or 4 in a row, Hendo was only beaten once at MW and then beat every UFC MW they put in front of him. Werdum went 2-1 against UFC top 5s and then lost to Dos Santos before the UFC reneged on their contract and Werdum refused a pay cut. Daley was cut because of a punch after the bell, Babalu for holding a choke too long.
    So please tell me which UFC guy that was sacked for poor performances is now in SF?. Stop pretending or fooling yourself into thinking SF is the B division. It has some of the very best fighters in the world and has just as high standards as the UFC (Baroni, Toney, Yvel, Kimbo, Houston), it just does not have the depth in most divisions.
    It did not hire Jardine, Houston, Efran or any others like people keep trying to say after the UFC cuts them. Yet people say it every time. I would even say it is a policy of SF’s not to do that. They don’t want to be seen as B grade.

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  • mma.Australia says:

    Well said MMA LOGIC.

    Strikeforce is budget, but they don’t pick up UFC rejects to fill their roster.

    Vera lost to Thiago Silva, who looked nasty! Perhaps he shouldve been given an up and comer further down the ranks to save his bacon, but alas, he’s out!

    he’ll be a successful fighter in another organisation, he’s good enough

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  • I can see Vera going to Shark fights and gaining a couple wins there, possibly heading over to japan. I’ve never been a fan of his and saturday he proved he’s not able to stick to a game plan in order to win a fight. He was winning standup battles and chose to brawl with Thiago instead of doing what he does best and that’s being technical using movement and lightning fast strikes.

    And MMA Logic you answered your own question in Gurgel. I think SF SHOULD pick up some of the UFC rejects, their 205 division is lacking heavily in depth as their best fighters currently are King Mo(who is an interesting prospect but I think would get owned by anyone in the upper echelon of 205 in the UFC) and current champ calvalcante who is downright awesome. Jardine and Vera would make welcome additions as they on any given night can pull off a win and usually are in exciting fights with great name recognition.

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  • Rece Rock says:

    He will do fine on the regional circuit…Vera’s face could use the rest.

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  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Awww man. It is not that I don’t want it. It would be suicide for SF to do it. THINK about it. What if Vera or Jardine win.
    Now tell me this, would the UFC put a SF reject up against 1 of it’s big fighters and gamble that a fighter rejected from the major comp would take out 1 of their stars?. No they wouldn’t and vice versa. SF can’t hire them even if they wanted to. Do you get it guys, they are tainted with failure for now and are pretty much untouchable by SF. The other reason is simple. they are on losing streaks and no matter where you have been no company wants a fighter that is on a losing streak.

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  • Niv says:

    You are bang on as usual LOGIC, either way I’ve never had anything against Vera, he always came across as a likeable guy; however he was never the fighter the UFC tried to hype him as.

    When they were talking about him being HW champ I was thinking no way in the world, and then he proved it was all hype. Then they give him the kiss of death and send him to the LHW division and the rest is history.

    I think he’s skilled, but he’s not an elite level fighter and the UFC has more depth now so ultimately they don’t need him anymore.

    I wish him luck but I doubt you’ll ever see him in a big show again.

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  • FightFan313 says:

    1 loss as a heavy weight and I got the neg… LMOA!

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  • FightFan313 says:

    whoops. 2 losses 1 he got dominated

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