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Scott Coker: “A committee will determine the tournament replacements.”

The Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix is officially underway and already there appears to be some changes. After initial reports that the winner of Shane del Rosario vs. Lavar Johnson would be the first alternate should there be an injury, at the post-fight press conference Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker stated that, “A committee will determine who will be the first replacement should someone get injured in the tournament.”

Del Rosario, who defeated Johnson via submission in the first round at Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Silva, was disappointed with this news but said, “I want to get some more fights in but if the opportunity comes up then we’re going to train hard and go for it.” Del Rosario was limping around after his fight said that he hurt his foot when he threw a kick and hit the elbow of Johnson. When asked how many more times he would like to fight this year Del Rosario said, “four or five as long as I can stay healthy.”

Chad Griggs, victorious over Gian Villante in another alternate bout for the tournament, said, “I’m not too worried about (the committee). I just wanted to put on a good show and get the win.”

Coker was very adamant that Fedor Emelianenko, who lost his tournament fight to Antonio Silva in the nights main event, could be back in the tournament if the committee decides it. While it is unknown as to who is on the committee, it was made clear that Coker is not one of the members.

  • Rece Rock says:

    If Fedor makes it back into this tourney for any reason other than every other alternate being unable I think it completely throws the integrity of the tourney out the window… Coker must really think his company is nothing with out Fedor and that’s sad. I’d like to bitch slap that man.

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  • bigbadjohn says:

    If Fedor finds his way back into this tournament, it will be LAUGHABLE. YA . maybe Coker’s not in the commitee but I’m sure Vadim will be

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  • BigDave says:

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  • danw84 says:

    Dave do you have ownership in the UFC or something? I’ve never seen someone who claims to be a fan of something want as few places to watch it as possible. Will you feel good if Strikeforce folds? Do you want nothing but the UFC to watch? As few fighters as possible?

    You’re weird.

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  • Creature says:

    Danw84 With constant BS deals and decisions Strikeforce is making.. id also like to see them gone, its kinda a disgrace to MMA in my opinion. You dont see Bellator or UFC constantly doing what strikeforce does on a daily basis. its just plain rediculous, if fedor makes it back in i will have lost any respect i still had for the promotion

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  • hindsightufuk says:

    point of a tournement is that it unfolds the way it unfolds. it always sucks if an alternate comes in cos then you never know how it would have truly worked out. but when a fighter who has already lost gets a second chance (as hellboy did), it loses even more. i’m fairly confident all these guys will make it through to the end.
    also saying UFC and Bellator dont do these things isnt strictly true. isnt it similar as giving BJ an immediate rematch? or shogun an immediate rematch? or ignoring pat curran for a title shot for as long as possible? they all do what is gonna make the most dollars. i’m sure the ufc is inwardly gutted Frankie is the LW champion, cos he doesnt sell like BJ does

    in the same way that people adore the UFC i dont get why people would applaud Strikeforce’ demise if it happened. why care about the promotion? just watch the fights.

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  • LiverPunch says:

    I feel for Del Rosario but I can understand many people wanting Fedor to have a 2nd chance when it was the doctor not Silva that stopped him.
    I thought it was a rd a piece going into rd 3 with the 2nd possibly being a 10-8.
    As far as Strikeforce making stupid decisions , what would they be?. I know they have made some but so have The UFC and Bellator. For a few examples of the UFC making outrageous decisions how about giving a 3 fight veteran a title shot after he has gone 1-1 in the UFC with his only victory being against a guy who had dropped below 15 or even 20 in some rankings.How about Rebney publicly shaming Coker whilst trying to secure a co-promotion. Not so smart. How about the UFC sacking Daley? Do you think that was smart? He is now 1 of the most important cogs in the main oppositions WW division and 1 more top 10 UFC fighter that can be held up as an example if he loses to Diaz. How about putting Toney as the co-main event in his first ever MMA fight in which he was just destroyed by Couture. Was that worthy of being a main event let alone a major card?.How about the way they handled Pride?. I’m sure that could have gone better and now it seems that , not only has Strikeforce got a healthy fighter exchange with Pride parent company (Dream Stage) but it may also beat the UFC to Japan. If you guys are referring to this Fedor thing as something the UFC wouldn’t do , you are so very wrong. Randy Couture had 7 title shots in 14 UFC fights that is a title shot every 2nd fight. He lost 6 times in and out of the UFC in that time. He was given 4 title shots after a loss and only 1 was an immediate rematch. That immediate rematch was because Couture lost via doctors stoppage because of an eye injury. Sound familiar?.
    So again , if you think this is something the UFC wouldn’t do I think you are being naive at the very least. Sure Strikeforce has struggled to put together cards but I assure you it wasn’t their decision to do so. They have to deal with many factors including less restrictive fighter contracts , a smaller fighter stable and co-promotion partners. If you think Strikeforce is making stupid decisions , why are they growing in leaps and bounds when IFC , Affliction , EliteXC , KOTC , IFL and others have either failed to succeed or have folded?.
    I know Strikeforce has done things that make you and me cringe but it isn’t just them. I know some of you don’t like Strikeforce and prefer other organisations and can justify it to some extent but give them a chance. It’s not like Fedor got KOed or has even been made the alternate yet. To be honest if he is made the alternate and wins it , I wont care but I will want that Big Foot rematch if it hasn’t happened already.

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  • LiverPunch says:

    To all those calling for Fedor to retire I say this.Yeah if you ever lose to a top 10 you should retire.
    It’s a wonder the 10+ top 10s Fedor has beaten didn’t retire.
    Fedor 34 years old 31-3 with 2 doctors stoppages and 1 submission loss to a BJJ world champion (black belt) and 2 time submission wrestling world champ .
    Lesnar 33 years old 5-2 with an embarrassing ass whipping via TKO and a submission loss to the guy who lost to Nelson in BJJ.
    It is a wonder Fedor hasn’t topped himself. Fancy losing to a top 10 guy who outweighs you by 55 pounds. Considering Lesnar LOST to a top 10 guy who HE outweighed by 55 pounds.
    Get some perspective.
    If he wants to retire so be it. I hope he fights on and at LHW or HW.

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  • Sykotick says:

    I don’t think he should retire, I think Fedor is a big boy and can wipe his own ass, what he does is his deal, period.

    As far as thd tourney goes with the “what if they give Fedor another shot in?”
    THAT is bs if they do.
    That’s basically a bitch slap to the face to Bigfoot who truely held his own in there with the great one himself.

    NFL: the patriots lost in the playoffs, why didn’t the NFL just move one of the injury ridden teams out of the way and put the patsys in? Cuz in a tourney format that isn’t right, if Fedor is put back in then it looks like that’s who they backed for the winners circle, which honestly makes it look fixed. NOT SAYIN IT IS, just sayin that’s what it will look like

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  • LiverPunch says:

    I know what you are saying sykotik but this isn’t the NFL. A whole team never pulls out of the finals due to injury.
    I hope they don’t need an alternate and if they do I would hope it went to the top ranked guy who did not start in the tourney. That would be Cormier or Del Rosario. If they want Fedor to be given another chance due to the way he lost , I would suggest giving him Del Rosario in an alternates final. Perhaps that would keep MORE people happy , including Del Rosario.

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  • slayer6 says:

    LiverPunch…how does a conversation about Fedor’s career even relate to Brock’s career? I cannot think of two fighters who are more polar opposites than those two fighters. I’m assuming you have some MMA knowledge, so if someone tries to throw Brock’s name into a conversation about great HW fighters you should know better than to even debate that subject. I have never been a huge Fedor fan, but I’m not ignorant enough to say he isn’t one of the greatest of all time. But, obviously he has lost the competitive edge he had in Pride.

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  • BigDave says:

    really lp have you been drinking bath water the last few days?

    I’ll start with an easy one Dailey is a one dementional fighter with not alot of upside and he suckerpunched a fighter that I hate after the fight was over. And although I wish he had ktfo koscheck he deserved to get fired.

    second Fedor got imbaresed by werdum who yes is a top 10 but bigfoot was most certainly not a top 10 guy and he tore fedor apart, the fight should have been stopped in the second round when fedor was not defending the ground and pound and would have been if it was anyone but fedor.

    Hindsight, being given a immediate rematch because of a bad decision or because of an injury in a non tourney bout is fine but in a tourney if you lose thats it your done, plain and simple.

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  • BigDave says:

    I do have one question and would like honest answer to it.

    Would any of you pay 50+ dollars to see a tourney final if fedor or overeem are not involved in it?

    I know i wouldn’t, and if it was Werdum vs Barnett then i may find a free thread to watch it but any other final match in this tourney I would rater watch paint dry.

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  • bigbadjohn says:

    Hey, if last night was any indication of how this tournament will go, I’m excited to tune in still. I’m not sure about the whole idea that the winner of this tournament is the consensus #1 though

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  • elkymbo says:

    Strikeforce – Great fight roster, shit production. I just don’t know if I can sit through another one of their shows. It really reminds me of a bad version of Pride.

    Get some knowledgeable commentators for fuck sake!

    Great fights though I just wish they’d sort out this thorn in their side.

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  • LiverPunch says:

    Daley is a top 10 with a victory over UFC top 10 Kampman and he missed the punch after the fight with Kos. All they had to do was fine and suspend him but the dropped him only to find out every other org wanted him. Kos , Sherk , Shields , Lesnar and many other top UFC fighters are “1 dementional” . Nearly every top 10 had BigFoot as a top 10. BigFoot is now considered a top 5. I think that is appropriate. You do know Couture lost just as many as he won out of the UFC , Arlovski has gone 2-4 out of the UFC with his 2 victories being 2 fighters in the UFC top 10 now and his 4 losses to guys who have never been in the UFC. He only lost to 1 man in 6 years in the UFC. Shane Carwin holds 1 victory over anyone who is considered a top 20 now and that is Frank Mir. If you really analyse it the UFC top 10 consists of 6 guys that have beaten 1-2 guys between them who are presently in the top 20 a guy Fedor completely dominated twice , is 1 all with Barnett and is not the fighter he once was , a 5-2 ex champion who has very limited MMA skills and panics when hit , a guy who is 6-4 and has lost to Vera and Cruz recently and a 9-0 champion who is out for a year.
    There is no reason whatsoever that you should be so bias towards the UFC. I have my favorites in and out of the UFC but I don’t see the UFC being any better as far as HWs go. I just don’t.
    According to fight matrix Struve , Nelson and Rothwell are not even top 20 all 3 are in contention for UFC top 10 status , all 3 have never beaten a present top 20.
    Your question about whether I would pay 50+ dollars for the final? the answer is no. I am a living in Australia at the moment and it only costs $30 here and $40 for a UFC card. I will gladly part with my money to see the final , even if it is Kharitonov vs Silva. I’m picking the final will be Barnett vs Overeem though. I hope the alternate isn’t required.
    Although my beer tastes somewhat like bath water (Cage Roads elkymbo? it’s from WA) I assure you that I am quite sober.

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  • LiverPunch says:

    It sounds like I’m trying to put down the UFC but I do rate them all highly. It’s just you should not judge SF HWs so harshly. I could put the SF HWs down in the same way and I guess that is my point.
    Just try to enjoy it sykotik and try not to get too frustrated.

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  • Sykotick says:

    Its not that I’m frustrated and I know I come off as a strikeforce basher but I’m not.

    The reason I don’t come down hard on the UFC is because they are established, people already think ufc and think mma.
    I come down hard on Strikeforce because they aren’t established and every dumb decision they make makes the road to casual fan acceptance that much harder. I want nothing more than for Strikeforce to seriously rival the ufc in all points, fighter stables, production, POPULARITY, etc, because anyone that has any business savvy knows that product rivalry means a dramatic increase in product value.

    All that being said, I seriously want the tourney to go off without a hitch, I loved the opening round, so far in 2 fights we have a dramatic K.O. And an earth shattering upset (by thd books not my opinion). What more could you want?
    I don’t want Fedor to get a second chance, not cuz I’m not a fan, but because it really does feel like a get out of jail free card. “oh you lost but we don’t like that so you’re back it” very much the dame reason I was 110% against Chael getting an instant rematch, it wad like a redo card, it wasn’t cool then and its not cool now. Period, but those are just my 2 cents.

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  • Sykotick says:

    Another thing I’ve noticed.

    Even tho he beat Fedor the disrespect of Bigfoot continues!

    He smashed the HW G.O.A.T. And the name on everyone’s tongue? Fedor. Will he retire? Is this it? Does he still have the same fire? Is he past his prime?

    Screw that, congrats BIGFOOT for knockin off the Stoic One,

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  • hindsightufuk says:

    silva has been top 10 quality for a while, unfortunately strikeforce hasnt been able to give him top notch opponents until now, he hasnt been able to prove it.
    hopefully he gets to rematch werdum at some point, i thought he got thedecision that night

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  • Alright LP you had me until you started using Frank Mir’s last 10 fights as his marker…and then even called his losses to Cruz and Vera recent…5 years ago isnt recent.
    On Arlovski KO’in big country that was the worst stand up in MMA history, as Roy had a kimura that he was just starting to turn as the ref stood it up.
    Past that we agree. I see no reason to call a UFC fighter better just due to the fact that he’s in the UFC. Diaz would smash through the welterweight division up until he met the top 2(Fitch and GSP, i would’ve said top 3 but he wont fight Jake).
    I cant see anyone dethroning Jacare(but 185 is weak everywhere i guess right?) However Henderson vs. Cavalcante is the ONLY interesting fight at 205 in SF. the division just sucks.
    The UFC’s divisions are DEEPER minus HW just because they have more consistent talent, no other reason.
    Now hindightfuk put it best. SF has a great talent pool and exciting matchups for days but until their production AND announce team quits sucking, they’ll always be second rate. It sad too because Frank Shamrock SHOULD know what he’s talking about.
    And props to sykotick for that last one, Congrats to Silva for doin what no one did before(the koshaka fight didnt count, he was only moved on due to it bein a tourney, not because he beat up Fedor) in stopping the last emperor.

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  • Oh and if anyone BUT the alternates doesnt get become the alternates to cover any injury…that’s Crap, and they shouldnt have had alternate fights in the first place

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  • boomnutz says:

    Dawn…you’re so brainwashed into hating big business (which on almost any other level i would agree) however with professional sports having 1 king is the tried and proven method to success. All of the fans would benefit tremendously from the UFC being the lone fight organization. We would get to see the matchups we want to see, there would be a clear pecking order, fighters wouldn’t duck each other so much…Look at what happened with boxing…too many promoters equaled a shit product. UFC continuously produces the best fights and more importantly the MOST CONSISTENT, you can call BigDave a UFC employee all you want but he’s 100% right, SF is a joke, they’ll probably throw Fedor back in just to prove it even more. maybe one day you’ll wake up and realize, and it you need any more proof just look at the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL…or conversely why don’t you research the USFL and XFL

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  • boomnutz says:

    I personally wouldn’t hold it against Fedor if he retired for one second, this is a tough sport with virtually no data to study on the effects of a fighter after they are done fighting, for all we know he could be saving himself from some serious issues, plus his legacy is intact and the only thing he can do at this point is hurt it, because no stretch of dominance now can really improve the legacy he already had, dude didn’t lose for 7 years!! I’d much rather see more guys hang it up then turn into another Chuck… ironically how bad does Arlovski resemble Chuck now??? it’s sad to watch him get KTFO all the time now

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  • BigDave says:

    Thankyou boom its good to see someone gets my point. The biggest problems strikefarce has commentary not included because we all know it is horrible, is the fact that a guy like Overeem is there HW champ and at the end of all this tourney stuff it will be only 1 title defence in 4 years. Sheild was one of there champs and vacated there company with the belt. Then you got a guy in Werdum Who won against Fedor in convincing fashon and has Already tapped out Overeem in pride by 2nd round kimura and when the rematch happens and Werdum wins again he will still have to fight 2 more guys to get a title shot at a guy he will have beat twice already. Then that fight will only happen if Overeem decides to fight in strikefarce, not go to dream for a match and potentially get hurt there, or flip to UFC.

    I really don’t care what name is on the company or who owns it as its not putting any money in my pocket, I just don’t ever want to see MMA go the way of pro boxing. There needs to be 1 company that is the standard or “professional league” to use other sports as a refernce and then minor leagues for up and comers. That is the only way we will all be able to see the fights that we all want to see and there will be no disspute as to what companies champ is the true best in the world.

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  • boomnutz says:

    finally a man of my own heart… the only good thing about SF is the ring girls…There’s no doubting they have talented fighters, I just wish they would fight more than every 6 months…or in Overeem’s or Cung Le’s case, more than once every 2 years

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  • MCM says:

    I see your point BigDave about the SF belts. But I stopped caring about belts outside of the UFC a long time ago. Most others, especially SF’s, are pretty meaningless. But that doesn’t mean I don’t care about the fights.
    I still don’t consider this thing a “tournament” since in reality, it’s just proper match making. But since the rest of the MMA world is on board, I’ll use their termanology. The winner of this tournament will receive a belt, and that belt is an indication of beating some very tough opponents. Will the winner be ranked #1 in the world, who cares, they will have proven that they are one of the best HW fighters out there. I don’t care so much about the rankings and the belts, just as long as they put on good fights. And the other night, was full of good fights.
    Look at it from the angle that SF is the best local promotion around and sit back and enjoy the show.

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  • TerribleT says:

    A butthurt Coker said Fedor could be back in if the committee decides it. He’s hopin’& prayin’ but there’s no way they’re gonna decide to put him back in. He won’t be taking Big Foot Silva’s spot,we know that for sure. He won’t be taking Overeem’s or Werdum’s spot depending on who wins bcuz they’re both big draws themselves and he isn’t going to take Kharitonov’s spot and Barnett won’t be letting go of his spot either after he subs Rogers. Maybe in Coker’s dreams,:-)LOL

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