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“UFC Live 3: Sanchez vs. Kampmann” Live Results

The UFC is once again back with a healthy dose of free Mixed Martial Arts featuring a plethora of pairings poised to produce a show full of finger-lickin’ good fights! As always, Five Ounces of Pain will be here to bring readers live results including play-by-play from televised bouts as soon as things fire up at the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, Kentucky at approximately 6:00 PM EST.

Tonight’s UFC Live 3 main event features well-rounded welterweights Diego Sanchez and Martin Kampmann throwing down with contendership-implications at an all-time high given Georges St. Pierre’s potential move to middleweight and a recent draw between B.J. Penn and Jon Fitch. Sanchez will be looking to build off a decision win over Paulo Thiago at UFC 121 while recently crediting his return to New Mexico with a newfound approach on fighting and life in general.

Comparably, Kampmann is coming off a loss on the same card by means of a split decision with current top contender Jake Shields but had notched victory in back-to-back fights prior to the October defeat.

A co-headlining middleweight match-up between accomplished amateur wrestlers C.B. Dollaway and Mark Munoz is also set to take place alongside the 170-pounders’ evening-ending endeavor.

Additionally, as has recently been the case, the UFC will be offering a pair of live prelims through their Facebook page in the form of former WEC light heavyweight champ Steve Cantwell’s clash with Frenchman Cyrille Diabate and TUF 2 winner Joe Stevenson mixing it up with colorful Team Alpha Male fighter Danny Castillo.

PRELIMINARY CARD (non-televised)

Igor Pokrajac def. Todd Brown via TKO Round 1 (Strikes)
Rousimar Palhares def. Dave Branch via Submission Round 2 (Kneebar)
Dongi Yang def. Rob Kimmons via TKO Round 2 (Strikes)
Takeya Mizugaki def. Reuben Duran via Split Decision
Shane Roller def. Thiago Tavares via Knockout Round 2 (Punch)


Joe Stevenson vs. Danny Castillo
ROUND ONE: Fighters tap gloves and exchange a few feelers. Castillo shoots in for a takedown but gives up midway through and circles back to his feet. After a few more exchanges Castillo tries again and gets caught by Stevenson. “Daddy” starts delivering knees and backs Castillo up against the cage. He scoops him up and brings him back down with a nice body slam resulting in a moment of side control before Castillo scrambles to his feet. Stevenson catches Castillo in one of his patented Guillotines and jumps guard with the hold looking tight but breaks his grip after being slammed to the mat. Castillo works from the top and scores a few shots to Stevenson’s chin as the TUF 2 winner works his way back to a standing position. Castillo gets another takedown, avoiding another Guillotine attempt in the process. Fighters go back to their feet and exchange. Castillo catches Stevenson with a big left hook, then follows it up with a right. Stevenson looks rocked but recovers. Round ends with some mild flurries. 5 Ounces scores it 10-9 Castillo.

ROUND TWO: More stand-up to start out the second round. Exchanges continue for a few minutes until Stevenson presses Castillo up against the cage, then scoops him up for a takedown. Stevenson works from half-guard and tries to advance while dropping a few shots. He attempts to transition into a Kimura but ends up in full guard after Castillo takes advantage of the opening. Castillo throws some elbows from the bottom with Stevenson returning fist-based fire. Stevenson postures up but Castillo sweeps for the escape. Castillo accidentally throws a knee to Stevenson with his knee on the ground and connects. The referee stops things, warns Castillo, and then allows them to re-start with the round coming to an end shortly thereafter. Five Ounces scores it 10-9 for Stevenson.

ROUND THREE: No urgency from either man over the first minute of the third with Castillo getting a slight edge in the involved striking. Stevenson shoots in for a takedown and pushes Castillo against the cage but Castillo spins out and reverses the position. Castillo throws a few nice knees to the kneeling Stevenson’s body before the two stand back up. Stevenson starts working a Guillotine but gets taken down. He scrambles back to his feet with the fighters returning to a similar position against the cage. Stevenson grabs hold of an arm-in Guillotine and exerts as much pressure as possible but Castillo’s head slips out. Castillo gets Stevenson back up against the cage and lands a couple more body-shots. Castillo scoops Stevenson’s legs up and tries to work from the top but isn’t overly effective. Stevenson’s ear is now bleeding. Castillo gets another takedown, works into mount, and lands a couple glancing blows as the round ends. Five Ounces scores the round 10-9 Castillo for the 29-28 Uninamous Decision win.

Winner – Danny Castillo def. Joe Stevenson via Unanimous Decision

Steve Cantwell vs. Cyrille Diabate
ROUND ONE: Fight starts out with kickboxing. Diabate lands a number of stiff leg kicks as well as a few crisp shots. Cantwell times a kick and catches it for a takedown resulting in half-guard. He stands up after failing to advance the position and allows Diabate to get back to his feet. Diabate continues throwing accurate body and leg kicks. Cantwell takes a punch and seems dazed, then gets dropped with an uppercut while against the cage. However, like the gang at Bayside he gets saved by the bell and wobbles slowly into his corner after the round ends. Five Ounces scores it 10-9 Diabate.

ROUND TWO: Cantwell still looks hurt as the second stanza starts. Diabate circles around but doesn’t attack as aggressively as you might think given the situation. Diabate stuffs a takedown attempt, then lands one of his own though isn’t able to do anything from the top position. The two go back to standing with Cantwell attempting a Superman Punch shortly thereafter. Diabate closes the distance, then lands a few jabs. Cantwell tries for another takedown but seems tired and Diabate easily avoids the attempt, then moves around to his back and starts throwing punches. They stand back up in the clinch with Diabate doing more damage to Cantwell against the cage. After taking more kicks and punches he goes for another takedown but again Diabate stuffs it. Round finishes with Cantwell bloodied, battered, and taking more punches while on the bottom in Diabate’s guard. Easy round for Diabate, arguably even 10-8 based on the one-sided offense, meaning it’s “do or die” time for Cantwell.

ROUND THREE: Diabate goes back to work on Cantwell’s leg while mixing in a few punches. Whether due to the favorable scorecard or exhaustion the Frenchman isn’t showing a great deal of killer instinct and has yet to commit to a full-fledged attack. Another shot from Cantwell, another failed takedown. Diabate turns up the heat in the last minute but can’t finish Cantwell (who was dead to rights after the ending of the first round). Diabate wins the round and the fight.

During a post-fight interview Diabate mentions he was fatigued from travel and it affected his cardio.

Winner – Cyrille Diabate def. Steve Cantwell via Unanimous Decision


Brian Bowles vs. Damacio Page ROUND ONE: Page starts off with a high kick and a few big strikes right off the bat. Bowles backs away and recomposes himself. Page stalking forward and tries a flying knee but doesn’t land it cleanly. He throws a leg kick but Bowles fires back with a combo. The two exchange strikes with nothing flush until Bowles counters with an uppercut and hurts Page. Page goes down with Bowles throwing vicious strikes from the top. Bowles transitions into a quick arm-in Guillotine Choke, locks it up, and puts Page to sleep for a repeat finish of their original encounter in WEC. Even more insane is the fact both submissions came at 3:30 in the first round!

WINNER – Brian Bowles def. Damacio Page via Submission Round (Guillotine Choke)

Alessio Sakara vs. Chris Weidman
ROUND ONE: Weidman, an All-American wrestler, starts out with a head-kick of all things. Action stalls for a bit before Sakara throws a few combos. Weidman finally goes for a takedown against the cage but Sakara fights it off an re-centers things. Weidman goes for another takedown after a little more standing but can’t drag things down to the mat. Sakara is bleeding from a cut next to his right eye but appears to be fine. Another takedown attempt from Weidman fails and the two stand for the last few ticks of the round. Difficult round to score with a slight edge going to Sakara for the 10-9 round on the 5 Oz. scorecard.

ROUND TWO: Weidman gets a takedown right away and works from Sakara’s guard. He starts raining down punches and elbows. Sakara is wearing a crimson mask as he continues to take strikes, this time from side control. Weidman works for a Crucifix but can’t lock up the arm. Sakara moves into half-guard and then slips out for the escape. He immediately throws some heat towards Weidman but does little damage and gets taken down again. Sakara scrambles back to his feet with the ref stopping things in order to have a doctor check out a massive gash on Sakara’s forehead. The action is re-started with the last minute of the round features more striking from both. Five Ounces awards it as an easy 10-9 frame for Weidman.

ROUND THREE: Weidman gets an early trip-takedown and works into side control. He goes back to work on Sakara’s bloodied face. “All-American” moves into side control but the position is only temporary as the ref stands the men up. Weidman immediately goes back in for a takedown and scores, once again ending up in side control and dealing damage to his opponent’s mug. He switches into half-guard and continues to drop elbows/punches. Weidman postures up allowing Sakara to escape for a second before ending up back on his backside courtesy of a takedown. Round ends in Weidman’s favor who should have the decision locked up after an impressive Octagon debut against a veteran like Sakara.

WINNER – Chris Weidman def. Alessio Sakara via Unanimous Decision

C.B. Dollaway vs. Mark Munoz
ROUND ONE: Dollaway latches on and dragging Munoz down to the mat about thirty seconds in. Munoz gets back to his feet and catches Dollaway with a few shots. Dollaway drops, Munoz pounces on top to answer with more punches, and Mario Yamasaki jumps in to stop things after a few land. Possibly a premature stoppage but Dollaway was definitely hurt and Yamasaki says he saw him go out during the flurry.

WINNER – Mark Munoz def. C.B. Dollaway via TKO Round 1 (Strikes)

Diego Sanchez vs. Martin Kampmann
ROUND ONE: Striking to start with Kampmann being a bit more technical while Sanchez is opting for power. Diego grabs a single-leg and presses the Dane up aginst the cage but Kampmann fends it off and delivers a knee. Sanchez steps into a straight right and is dropped, then ends up on a front headlock before exploding out of the hold and almost netting a takedown of his own. The two re-center and go back to striking. Kampann stuffs a takedown and lands a knee. Sanchez is bleeding profusely from his mouth and looks beat up in general. The TUF 1 champ shoots in for a takedown and presses Kampmann up against the cage but can’t take him down. Round ends with Sanchez looking like a battered mess. Easy frame to give Kampmann the nod in 10-9.

Should also be pointed out Sanchez is looking extremely flabby compared to his normal physique.

ROUND TWO: Sanchez immediately presses Kampmann up against the fence and tries to take him down. Exits the clinch with a punch and the welters return to the center of the Octagon. Kampmann continues to get the better of Sanchez’s striking and stuffs another takedown attempt. Kampmann bleeding a little under his right eye which turns into a lot after Sanchez blasts him with a few shots. Kampmann is wobbled, retreats, and recomposes himself. Sanchez goes for a single-leg but Kampmann defends it. Sanchez keeps pressing forward and tags Kampmann a few more times as the round ends in his favor. Split the first two rounds on the 5 Oz. scorecard.

ROUND THREE: Kampmann has three small cuts around his right eye. The two touch gloves to start out the third and start striking. Kampmann looks less comfortable with things than he did in the second. The battle of power vs. precision continues with Kampmann making sure to circle out when he back is too close to the cage. A takedown attempt from Sanchez gets stuffed but he wisely puts his hands on the mat to avoid a knee. With a little more than two minutes left in the fight Sanchez finally gets a takedown but Kampmann escapes back to his feet. Both men go back to their stand-up as the clock clicks down towards a close decision. Sanchez continues throwing all of his shots with bad intent. Kampmann looks to have injured his right hand on a strike and is tentative to throw with it. Sanchez almost takes advantage against the fenceh but can’t land anything cleanly. Bout ends with Sanchez’s face looking straight out of a horror movie and a huge show of mutual admiration between the two. Five Ounces is calling this a 10-10 round and a fitting draw. Lived up to its expectations for sure.

Winner – Diego Sanchez vs. Martin Kampmann via Unanimous Decision

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