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Dana White discusses discipline handed down to Michael Bisping

When fans first learned Dana White planned to punish middleweight Michael Bisping for his lack of professionalism inside the Octagon against Jorge Rivera at UFC 127 the terms “fine” and “suspension” were thrown around as appropriate measures in response to the Brit’s behavior. However, it turns out neither was the case in terms of how the UFC handled the situation as White recently revealed in an interview.

According to a conversation with MMAFighting, the UFC President explained Bisping’s bonus money had been withheld while saying commissions were responsible for anything beyond that and suspensions aren’t something the UFC dishes out. White clarified the difference between Chael Sonnen, whose contract was frozen in light of some legal issues, was that the outspoken grappler had come to him asking for another chance in the promotion and was obliged with the understanding he needed to get his other affairs in order before fighting again.

Also, as far as Bisping’s claims the main points of controversy were accidental, his boss shares a different view, stating, “I think the knee was intentional and he absolutely meant to spit on that guy.” Bisping leveled a downed Rivera in the opening round of their fight with an illegal knee and is alleged to have spit on one of Rivera’s corner-men after winning in the following frame.

No specific figure was listed in terms of how much money was kept from Bisping but based on his payout from a May 2010 victory over Dan Miller the amount would have at least been $15,000 without including any other PPV-related bonuses.


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