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“UFC 128: Shogun vs. Jones” Live Results

The UFC is back in New Jersey with one of the most intriguing title fights in some time headlining a stacked card from top to bottom. As always, will provide compete results as well as live coverage of all the televised fights.

The action is set to begin at 7PM EST with three preliminary fights taking place. At 8PM EST, head over to to view two live preliminary fights. Then at 9PM EST, switch your television to Spike TV for two more live preliminary fights. Finally at 10PM EST, the main card kicks off on PPV.

UFC 128 is headlined by Mauricio Rua defending his light heavyweight belt against 23-year old challenger Jon Jones. The co-main event features former WEC featherweight title-holder Urijah Faber taking on former 135-pound champ Eddie Wineland. Also on the card is lightweight stand out Jim Miller against the undefeated Kamal Shalorus and up-and-comer Brendan Schaub battles MMA legend Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic.


Erik Koch def. Raphael Assuncao via KO Round 1 (Punch)
Nick Catone def. Costantinos Philippou via Unanimous Decision
Joseph Benavidez def. Ian Loveland via Unanimous Decision


Gleison Tibau def. Kurt Pellegrino via Split Decision
Mike Pyle def. Ricardo Almeida via Unanimous Decision


Anthony Njokuani vs. Edson Barboza Jr.

Round One: All on the feet early. Barboza landing heavy kicks and scoring with a heavy right hand. Njokuani landing some good body kicks though. Barboza rocked Njokuani with a right hand but Njokuani survived and even landed a right of his own in the ensuing exchange. Njokuani scoring with a right hand of his own but Barboza is the more aggressive and scoring. Njokuani complained about an eye poke but the ref told him to fight on. Both guys landing very heavy right hands. Good round with a slight edge to Barboza based on the wobble and overall damage. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Barboza.

Round Two: Quick start to the round with Njokuani throwing heavy kicks. Njokuani landing a really nice jab. Barboza got caught with a couple of groin kicks but shook them both off. Both men throwing vicious strikes. Njokuani got a takedown off a kick and landed some punches on the ground but Barboza was up quickly. Njokuani really mixing things up this round, throwing a question mark kick and a spinning back elbow. Njokuani’s hands are too quick for Barboza in this round. Barboza scored with a late takedown but the round ended before he could do anything with it. Good round for Njokuani, he looked much faster than Barboza. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Njokuani.

Round Three: Both men landing their fair share of strikes to start the round. Njokuani seems to be getting the better of the exchanges though and he’s moving better on the feet. Barboza tags Njokuani with a flurry though and Njokuani smiles and nods at him. Njokuani comes back with a flurry of his own. Big jumping knee to the body by Njokuani. Both men look tired but they’re still throwing with power. Barboza got a late takedown but Njokuani got up. Just before the bell Barboza landed a turning side kick to the head that staggered Njokuani. Close round but Barboza may have just edged it out with that kick. 5OZ scores the fight 10-9 Barboza and the round 29-28 for Barboza.

Result: Edson Barboza Jr. def. Anthony Njokuani via Unanimous Decision

Luis Arthur Cane Jr. vs. Eliot Marshall

Round One: Marshall very tentative on the feet. Cane tagged Marshall with a couple of left hands before dropping him. Cane pounded away on Marshall on the ground but Marshall did a nice job rolling, covering, and surviving. Cane kept pounding away though and the referee finally jumped in to stop things. Marshall was still down and hurting after the fight was stopped.

Result: Luis Arther Cane Jr. def. Eliot Marshall via TKO Round 1 (Strikes)


Mirko Filipovic vs. Brendan Schaub

Round One: Schaub pressing the action early and lands some good uppercuts in the clinch. They clinch and Schaub gets warned for hitting Mirko in the back of the head. Schaub gets a takedown and then eats an up kick as Mirko pushes him away. Schaub stays on top though. Schaub landed a series of right hands but Mirko eventually got up without taking too much damage. Schaub controls the clinch and lands some knees to the body to close out the round. Good round for Schaub. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Schaub.

Round Two: Schaub blocked a head kick and then got a takedown. Schaub landed some right hands and then got kicked in the face while he still had one knee on the ground as Mirko was trying to push away. The ref warned Mirko and stood them up. A lot of clinch fighting with Schaub landing knees to the body while Mirko lands short elbows and punches. Schaub’s nose got busted from one of the elbows. The ref took one point away from Schaub for hitting Mirko in the back of the head in the clinch. More clinching and Mirko lands some more short elbows. Close round. Mirko did more damage in the clinch though. 5OZ scores the round 10-8 for Mirko.

Round Three: Mirko opens the round with a groin kick. Schaub shook it off and fought on. Mirko landed a left but then Schaub got a takedown. Mirko quickly up but right back down. Mirko up again without taking much damage. Mirko looking for the straight left and Schaub trying to time it with a takedown. Mirko threw a leg kick and Schaub timed it with a right hand, knocking Mirko down and out. Schaub landed one more punch on the ground before the ref jumped in.

Result: Brendan Schaub def. Mirko Filipovic via KO Round 3 (Right Hand)

Nate Marquardt vs. Dan Miller

Round One: Marquardt sprawled on an early takedown but Miller was relentless with the attempt and finally got it. Miller tried to grab a guillotine as Marquardt got up but Marquardt popped his head out and ended up on top. Marquardt didn’t do much on top and the ref stood them up. Marquardt landed a good right and then got a big slam takedown. Miller tried for a kimura off his back but time ran out in the round and Marquardt finished on top. Relatively close but Marquardt had the better positions and did more damage. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Marquardt.

Round Two: Marquardt really scoring with the right hand and a lead leg head kick. Marquardt went for a flying knee, which allowed Miller to get a takedown. Marquardt up without taking damage though. Marquardt continues to find a home for his right hand. Marquardt got a takedown but Miller grabbed a guillotine. Marquardt got out though. Marquardt ends the round on top landing some elbows. Very good round for Marquardt. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Marquardt.

Round Three: Marquardt keeps scoring with his right hand and lead leg head kick. Miller keeps looking for a right uppercut but it’s not quite there. Miller is cut over his left eye. Marquardt sprawls on a takedown and ends up on top. Marquardt landing some elbows on top but they are few and far between. Miller tried a triangle at the end of the round but Marquardt avoided it and stayed on top. Dominant round for Marquardt. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Marquardt and the fight 30-27 for Marquardt.

Result: Nate Marquardt def. Dan Miller via Unanimous Decision

Jim Miller vs. Kamal Shalorus

Round One: Quick start as both men connect. Miller landing straight punches while Shalorus is swinging with hooks. Shalorus throwing heavy leg kicks. Miller really scoring with his right hook. Miller landed a big head kick but Shalorus fired back with a series of hooks. Miller landed a nice combination and then went for a guillotine but Shalorus slipped out and ended on top. The ref stood them up after Miller took no damage. Miller continues to land the right hook on the feet. Good round for Miller, much quicker on the feet. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Miller.

Round Two: Miller again quicker on all the exchanges but Shalorus is landing. Miller went for a flying triangle but Shalorus avoided it and let Miller up. Miller got a takedown and quickly got the back of Shalorus as Shalorus tried to scramble up. Miller locked on a body triangle and tried to lock on a rear naked choke but Shalorus fought him off. Shalorus survived the round but Miller had his back for over two minutes. Dominant round for Miller. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Miller.

Round Three: Miller picking apart Shalorus to start the round with his hands. Shalorus got caught with a knee to the groin but fought on after a short break. Shalorus trying for the takedown but Miller easily stuffing it. Miller rocked Shalorus with an uppercut then dropped him with a knee. Miller pounded him out until the ref jumped in. Shalorus’ nose is busted up.

Result: Jim Miller def. Kamal Shalorus via TKO Round 3 (Strikes)

Urijah Faber vs. Eddie Wineland

Round One: Long clinch early with Wineland controlling and then landing a right hand on the break. Another clinch and Wineland got a takedown but Faber was right back up. Faber landing a good left hook. Faber trying to throw Wineland in the clinch but Wineland having none of it. Wineland landed a big right and Faber fired back with one of his own followed by another. Very close round. Wineland controlled the clinch but Faber landed some very clean strikes. Faber takes it based on damage. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Faber.

Round Two: Both men having trouble finding the range early. Faber managed to get a takedown and land some elbows. Faber doing a good job stacking Wineland and throwing down with punches. Wineland tried to get up but Faber kept him down. Faber continues to land elbows and punches as the round ends. Good round for Faber. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Faber.

Round Three: Wineland coming up short with his punches. Wineland stuffs a takedown. A couple of big right hands by Faber has Wineland stumbled. Faber works hard and finally manages a takedown with just over a minute remaining. Faber grinds out Wineland on the ground in the final minute. Another clear round for Faber. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Faber and 30-27 for Faber.

Result: Urijah Faber def. Eddie Wineland via Unanimous Decision

Mauricio Rua vs. Jon Jones

Round One: Jones comes out with a flying knee, a head kick, and a spinning back kick. None of them landed. Jones gets a takedown. Rua moving well on bottom and looking for a leg. Jones stuffing it though and landing good elbows. Rua tries to get up but he eats a knee and a left hand. Rua is wobbled. Body shot followed by a knee by Jones. Jones throws a spinning back elbow, Rua gets his back and rolls but a leg but Jones too strong and ends up on top. Jones ends the round on top. Huge round for Jones. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Jones.

Round Two: They clinch and Jones lands a spinning back elbow off the clinch. Jones landing kicks now. Rua looks too slow compared to Jones. Jones landing a very good left hand. Jones gets a takedown off a leg kick. Jones elbowing the body of Rua. Jones moves to half guard and lands some punches. Jones goes for a leg lock to end the round but Rua blocks it. Another dominant round for Jones. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Jones.

Round Three: Rua lands a right hand and gets the back of a spinning Jones. Rua goes for another leg lock but can’t get it and Jones ends up back on top. Huge ground and pound from the guard by Jones. Big elbows by Jones on the ground. Rua gives up him back and Jones knees him in the body. Rua stands up, eats a knee, and goes down. The ref immediately jumps in. Rua looked ready to tap if the ref didn’t jump in.

Result: Jon Jones def. Mauricio Rua via TKO Round 3 (Strikes) to win the UFC Light Heavyweight Title

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